This Comic Comparing New York To San Francisco Is Both Hilarious And A Little Too Real — PHOTOS

There's a reason that Sarah Cooper's comic on the differences between New York and San Francisco is so on point, and that's because everything in it is alarmingly and hilariously real. New York and San Francisco are basically different planets. I truly believe that all of us are secretly born belonging to one of those cities the way that people get sorted into Hogwarts houses, and that we're supposed to spend misguided years in our twenties and thirties figuring the hell out which one we are.

Here's an indisputable truth: You can't be both. I used to think of myself as bi-coastal because I'd spent roughly half of my life on either side of the country. In recent months, I returned to the west coast after many years and struggled with a dark realization: Not only were there huge differences between West Coast Me and East Coast Me, but West Coast Me was basically dead. Spending a month in Seattle and San Francisco was like spending a month on another planet. Why are you guys moving so slow? Who is running the actual city while you all play foosball barefoot? WHY DID YOU MAKE A SUSHI BURRITO HYBRID AND NOT SHARE IT WITH US?!

I clearly have some feelings I need to work through, but blissfully, I am working them out in New York now, where the COOL people are. (Come at me. JK, you can't catch me, I power walk like a boss.) If anything, though, my frustration has only made this comic even more hilarious than it already is. Seriously, Sarah Cooper is the bicoastal culture whisperer we've all been waiting for.

Here's the comic she posted to her site, The Cooper Review:

I decidedly am and always will be a car profanity screamer. #TeamNewYork.

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Images: Courtesy of The Cooper Review