Why 'The Royals' Tom Austen Doesn't Want His Grandparents Watching The E! Series: "You Get Your Arse Out A Lot"

While we don't know whether the royal family is watching E!'s scripted series The Royals , we know for certain that one member of the cast's extended family is most certainly not. Tom Austen, who plays Princess Eleanor (Alexandra Park)'s bodyguard/lover Jasper, says his grandparents won't be tuning in Sunday nights to watch him bed half the fictional royal family. "She still hasn't seen it," Austen says of his grandmother not watching the show, which has already been renewed for a Season 2. "They live out in the countryside and don't get E! UK on their TV from 1953. So they are waiting for DVDs or something... which may or may not find themselves lost in the post," he jokes.

"I did see my Grandad not long ago and he said, 'Your brother tells me you get your arse out a lot in this one?' I told him, 'yup' and that was pretty much the end of the conversation." And while Austen's grandfather doesn't appreciate seeing his grandson's arse out and about, we can't say we agree with him. So will we see more of Jasper's skivvies? What's in store for Jasper and Princess Eleanor?

"All I'll say is that Jasper and Eleanor's game of cat and mouse is far from over yet. In the coming episodes they definitely push each other further than ever, but I'm not going to tell you in which direction," he says coyly. "Aside from that, I know [series creator] Mark [Schwahn] and the writers have some seriously cool stuff lined up for Jasper in Season 2."

"I have a feeling Season 1 was just a warm up," he adds.

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Images: E!; Tumblr