Johnny Depp's 'Black Mass' Trailer Is Full Of Creepy, Bone-Chilling Moments — VIDEO

Although it’s nowhere near Halloween season, anyone who loves a good scare is in luck: there’s a new trailer for Black Mass starring Johnny Depp as infamous mobster-turned-FBI informant Whitey Bulger, and I guarantee that it will sufficiently creep you out. Considering Depp is known for playing quirky characters such as the fiery-haired Mad Hatter from Alice in the Wonderland and The Pirates of the Caribbean’s flamboyant, over-accessorized Captain Jack Sparrow, the thought of the actor portraying one of the most notorious bad guys in American history may sound like a relatively normal role.

But don’t rush to file Depp’s wise guy role under the ordinary category, because his portrayal of Bulger is anything but. In fact, after viewing the Black Mass trailer, it wouldn’t be at all shocking if this goes down in history as one of Depp’s creepiest roles ever. At just over two minutes long, the preview features plenty of skin-crawling moments, starting with yet another one of Depp’s impressively drastic physical transformations from the strikingly handsome man he is in real life to a white-haired, blue-eyed gangster, with a killer gaze that matches his reputation.

Trust me, guys — your teeth should be chattering after watching these bone-chilling moments from the Black Mass trailer:

These Creepy, Ice-Cold Eyes

Obviously, Depp's wearing contacts, but I still can't stop shivering.

The Moment After This Guy Got Whacked

This poor guy is obviously on his way to sleeping with the fishes.

This Flashing Lights Scene

The way the light catches his ghostly white face (eek, there's that soul-piercing glare again!) is so freaking scary.

This Violent Scene

That does it. I'm officially shaking in my boots.

This Absolutely Creepy Scene

Perhaps it's because my skin is crawling, but I'm going to guess that's not exactly a lover's caress.

This Stalk-and-Shoot Scene

It's a classic mobster movie crime staple — but still chilling nonetheless.

This Laughing Scene

Am I the only person not even tempted to LOL? Didn't think so...

Black Mass hits theaters on Sept. 18, but until then prepared to be chilled after watching the full trailer below:

Images: Warner Bros. (8)