'Vampire Diaries' Meets 'The Secret Circle'

Clearly, I'm still mourning how abruptly The Secret Circle ended, right when I was getting addicted to all the potential of the storylines. At the time, sci-fi and superheroes were all people seemed to care about, and this small show about a coven of teenage witches battling witch-hunters, demons, their parents, and each other was a refreshing change of pace. The show has a lot in common with The Vampire Diaries , which went on to become a hit for the network, and I still sometimes wonder what could have happened if the two shows had crossed over.

There are numerous adjoining threads between the two programs, including the overall tone, supernatural elements, and themes involving teen angst. Not to mention there's one massive visual similarity: actress Phoebe Tonkin. She played the rebellious and self-centered Faye in The Secret Circle, and then later went over to The Vampire Diaries, and eventually The Originals, as the werewolf Hayley. The Secret Circle may have had its fair scuffles with demonic possessions, apparitions and voodoo, but adding a few more various supernatural creatures could've upped its appeal even more.

To further prove my point, here are seven ways The Secret Circle could easily blend into the world The Vampire Diaries.

1. Witches Are Already A Major Part Of TVD

As Elena was busy dealing with the vampire love triangle with Stefan and Damon, Bonnie was realizing her witchy ancestry. Since then, witches have become an integral part of the show, popping up to wreak havoc wherever they can. It would have been a no-brainer to bridge this show with The Secret Circle, which is literally about a coven of witches.

2. Faye Could've Gotten Pregnant With Klaus' Child

Imagine if Faye had been the one to have a one-night stand with Klaus, conceive his child and move into the Originals' house in New Orleans for the spinoff. Faye's child could've had even larger implications for the world; a half-hybrid (equal parts vampire and werewolf) growing inside the belly of a witch would've made the French Quarter witches shake in their boots even more than they already did.

3. The Plan To Resurrect Silas Could've Involved The Coven

While Bonnie was being manipulated by Professor Shane, who was, in turn, being manipulated by Silas into creating an expression triangle, news of the death of an entire coven of witches could've made its way to Chance Harbor. Or, perhaps Cassie and the gang could've been the ones targeted by Bonnie.

4. Bonnie Could've Popped Over To Chance Harbor

Where was someone like Diana when Bonnie was freaking out over her magical abilities? That is, before her grandmother stepped in to teach her a few things. If she had a group of witches around the same age as her to go to for advice on magic, maybe she wouldn't have turned to expression.

5. The Chance Harbor Witches Could've Helped With The New Orleans War

In this hypothetical crossover world, Faye is already in New Orleans for The Originals spinoff, which would be a key jumping off point for a lot of the drama. Can you imagine the kind of damage the witches of The French Quarter could've done with the Chance Harbor witches, especially if they thought Faye was being held against her will?

6. Elijah and Cassie Would've Gotten Along Famously

Much like Elijah, Cassie just wants peace, but she also has a darkness inside of her that she's constantly keeping in check. The two would presumably see eye to eye on many things, and, if they were to fall in love, that would cause even more drama. Adam and Jake would be jealous of Elijah, and Faye would be pissed at Cassie for coming in to steal her side piece. Just imagine the drama!

7. What Was Jake Doing During That Break?

There was a time when Jake left Chance Harbor after the witch hunters he was aligned with tried to kill Cassie. Thankfully, she lived, but Jake wasn't present for a portion of the show until Cassie cast a spell to bring him back. What was he doing? Where did he go exactly? Perhaps his adventures could've taken him to Mystic Falls, the epicenter of supernatural activity...

Images: Vampire Diaries Wiki; Cove Of Solitude/Wordpress; Tumblr; Fan Pop (2); Fan Forum; The Secret Circle Wiki