Kim Kardashian Celebrates Earth Day The Only Way She Knows How — PHOTO

While many people were actually out doing something on Earth Day, like cleaning up rivers, picking up trash, planting gardens, or whatever eco-activity of their choosing, Kim Kardashian celebrated Earth Day the only way she knew how to... with a selfie. Nope, she didn't take to social media like Leonardo DiCaprio to promote green causes and show love to the Earth. Nor did Kardashian turn into an environmental superhero like Sophia Bush. Rather, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star posted a picture of herself wearing a bikini in front of a plant.

Kardashian shared the selfie on Instagram with the following caption: "In honor of Earth Day here is my best plant selfie from my new book #Selfish coming out May 5th! #ivegotaselfieforeveryoccasion."

Is it really a surprise that Kardashian would not only post a photo herself, but that she'd also find a way to promote her book Selfish? If you know anything about Kardashian, no, it's not. For those of who will actually purchase Kardashian's picture book filled with "memories," this is only a tease of what you can expect. I can only imagine what her other selfies look like that she's taken for "every occasion."

Now, I don't know if she has one for Christmas or Easter, because based on her Instagram page, Kardashian actually shared sweet throwback photos of her family for the holidays. But who knows? Kardashian just might even have selfies for Tax Day and Labor Day, because selfies are the perfect way to celebrate anything and everything. At least if you're Kim Kardashian.