9 'Tut' Trailer Moments That Prove Spike's New TV Miniseries Is Going To Be So Insane — VIDEO

A new mini series will hit television this summer, and it looks like a bloody good time — emphasis on bloody, of course. A new trailer for Spike's mini-series Tut hit the internet Thursday, and let's just say that Tut isn't your parent's biopic. The three-episode series, which premieres on July 19, stars Avan Jogia of Twisted (RIP!) as the titular "Boy King of Egypt," while Ben Kingsley plays Ay, the Grand Vizier to King Tutankhamun, as well as the king's most trusted advisor — even if, as Ay says in the trailer, there is no one that Tut should trust in Egypt. The story of Egypt's New Kingdom is intriguing all on its own, but the trailer makes the whole thing look so damn good.

Spike is pulling out all the stops for its first scripted series in eight years, with the trailer teasing plenty of violence, betrayal, and even a smidge of sexy time. The cable series has a big-screen feel with plenty of epic battle scenes, and lots of good-looking people doing terrible things.

The trailer may clock in at a mere 2:07, but it features plenty of can't-miss moments from the new series that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Check them out:

Ay Teaches Tut A Lesson

Executions are a regular thing in Tut's kingdom, and Ay needs him to be prepared.

Tut Gets Hot

Jogia looks damn good as the super serious King Tut.

A Stolen Kiss

They're definitely not supposed to be doing this...

War Breaks Out

What is it good for, am I right?!

Tut Becomes A Hero

Egypt craves a hero — "and they will worship the man who can bring them to victory."

Tut Takes Names

He's a man of brains and brawn.

Ay Yells At Tut About His Potential

"Opportunity, opportunity, opportunity!" Ay should moonlight as a motivational speaker.

A Love Triangle Brews (And Reunites Twisted's Lacey And Danny!)

A romantic rivalry brews between Tut's queen and his new lady friend, played by Twisted actress Kylie Bunbury. Personally I was a Jo/Danny shipper, but hey, good to have you back, Bunbury!

Tut Crowns Himself Pharaoh

Bloody fantastic.

Check out the new trailer below:

Images: Spike/YouTube (9)