Who Is Riz Ahmed? The British Star Is A Multi-Talented Actor & Musician

Calling all Star Wars fans: Take a moment to allow the force of these words to awaken you. While you’re still gasping for breath over the sheer awesomeness that was the latest Star Wars: Episode VII — The Force Awakens trailer (Chewie and Han Solo, together again!), then feel free to pull up a sturdy chair before taking in this next bit of exciting news: according to Variety, actor Riz Ahmed is up for the lead role in Rogue One. Reportedly, the 32-year-old is the “top choice” for the Gareth Edwards-directed, standalone Star Wars film (although other outlets have noted that The Hunger Games star Sam Claflin is also up for a starring role in Rogue). Though we’ll have to wait on word of an official casting, in the meantime, at least it provides yet another clue as to how this project is shaping up. Until then, though, we can take a closer look at the rumors — and, who actor Riz Ahmed is.

What we know so far about Rogue One is that Oscar-nominated actress Felicity Jones nabbed a lead role, in addition to Australian actor Ben Mendelsohn. A few important Rogue One plot details have also been released (it's mainly talk about some attempted Death Star thievery), along with a fair amount of information about the film’s characters.

But let’s get back to this major casting news. There's bound to be a few of you asking, who is Riz Ahmed? Well, don’t worry your pretty little minds because I’ve already done the required stalking — er, researching — and I can confirm that he’s quite the interesting guy.

He's British

Rob Kim/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Born and raised in London, Ahmed's parents are from Pakistan.

You Might Recognize Him From Nightcrawler

In Jake Gyllenhaal's 2014 thriller about a crime journalist named Louis Bloom, Ahmed played the role of his assistant, Rick.

Sundance Accepted His First Short Film

Ahmed wrote and directed Daytimer, the story of a young boy who skips school to go to a rave.

He's Also a Rapper

Musically, Ahmed is known as Riz MC, and he's completed his latest project HalfLife with dubstep artist Distance.

He's An Outkast Fan

I...think I like this guy already.

He's a Three-Time British Independent Film Award Nominee...

No doubt he can do a Star Wars role (or any other role) justice.

...And A Spirit Award Nominee

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Ahmed earned a Best Supporting Male nomination for his role in Nightcrawler.

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