"She Sheds" Are The Lady-Answer To Man Caves

OK, so I've had this fantasy ever since I was a little girl of a tiny little cottage in the forest where my imagination would run wild and nobody would ever walk in on me picking a wedgie, and #bless the universe, because it might just happen for me after all. There is a new #homegoals trend called "she sheds," and they are basically a response to the "man cave". Women all over the country are constructing their own whimsical hideaways to tune out all the lame sauce in their lives, and I pretty much need to build my own version of one yesterday. I'm going to go ahead and lay this out in the beginning: The gendered names here are admittedly lame and reflect arbitrary definitions of what "men" and "women" like, or the kinds of spaces a person would like to retreat to based on their prescribed gender. I DO KNOW THAT. That said, we have to call these magical places something, and I like how "she sheds" sounds, so we're going with it. Are we all in? Let's go.

There are no rules or strict guidelines that come with making your own "she shed," except that pretty much nobody else is allowed in there except you. Women have shared their versions of the she shed all over Instagram, and some of them are so beautiful that they have basically ripped out my soul and put it into interior design. And the best part is, people are managing to do it pretty cheaply, by converting garden sheds and buying furniture and decorations from secondhand stores. Bye, y'all, because I'm building mine right now with my own two clumsy inexperienced hands if I have to.

Here are some of the she sheds women have proudly shared on Instagram:

The Tea House

Purple Paradise

Pretty In Pink

The Mossy Castle

The Mini Home

The Beach Shed

Mauve Maison

Fiery And Fierce

The Greenhouse

The Mini Manor

If anybody needs me...don't. I'm very busy in Central Park building a slightly illegal she shed that NOBODY IS INVITED TO EVER.

Image: flawlesspainting/Instagram