The Most Popular Online Dating Word In Your State

by Oscar Raymundo

When filling out a profile on an online dating site, we all want to show off the best aspects of our personality: funny, spontaneous, showers at least every other day. But there are some words and adjectives used in online dating profiles that only make sense if you happen to be from a specific state. Mashable and have teamed up to analyze thousands of profiles and used the information to create an interactive U.S. map showcasing the most distinctive online dating words, state by state.

Some of these buzzwords are rather obvious. In the heart of the Midwest — Kansas, Nebraska, South Dakota, and Iowa — the most popular word is "farm" In Colorado, the word of choice is "snowboarding," Florida is home to "Disney" fans, while Nevadans prefer to use the word "casino" to score a hot date.

Combing through the online dating profiles in other states resulted in more unexpected buzzwords. For example New Jersey's distinctive online dating word is "lounge." Folks in Texas and Oklahoma somehow managed to sneak the word "oil" into their online dating profiles. And in California, land of the beach sunsets and pool parties, it's the word "desert" that pops up unusually often — maybe just an early indication of how the historic drought is changing the Californian lifestyle.

View the most distinctive word in each of the 50 states below.

We can rely on this map to get a glimpse at how dating works in a different state. Looking to move to a different city for a chance to find love? Don't move to Portland if you don't like to "kayak." If you're ethically against the sport of hunting animals, then it's perhaps best it you avoid Montana and Wyoming altogether. However if like the idea of snuggling up with your bae in a cozy "cabin," Wisconsin and Minnesota are the states for you.

Images: Garry Knight/Flickr; Mashable; Giphy