8 Apple Watch Videos To Get You Pumped

April 24 is the big day: the Friday that the Apple Watch is released to the public. Fans have been nerding out over its capabilities for the past year or so, what, with it's Apple Pay, fitness tracker, and James Bond-like ability to answer a phone call like a spy. But this is real life, guys. You are about to be just as cool — no — infinitely cooler than James Bond. Whatever stage of waiting for the new wearable tech you're at (merely anticipatory, super excited, or dying for it to arrive on your doorstep, these videos of the Apple Watch will either get even more pumped to receive yours once it's been shipped. Or super sad because you don't have it yet.

Apple launched a new Apple Watch "guided tours" section on its website. We've boiled it down to the ones you must watch, as well as found some others that we think you'll like. From playing games to staying fit to literally being a DJ from your wrist, it seems like whether or not you're getting an Apple Watch, you've got to admit they're pretty freaking cool. So, gather 'round, folks, and tune in to these eight Apple Watch videos.

How To Take/Make A Phone Call (Like James Bond)

You can take, make, or reject a phone call all from your wrist. It's got a built-in speaker and microphone that truly does allow you to talk into your wrist to all your best friends, or the Secret Service agents you're reporting to.

The March 9 Event Boiled Down To 3 Minutes

The March 9 event that showed off a ton of Apple Watch specs was more than an hour and a half long, and only the most diehard fans have the time for that. If that's you, watch the full event here. If it's not, Bloomberg Business compressed the 90 minutes into the handy-dandy 3-minute clip above.

I Was Serious About The DJ From Your Wrist

The djay app lets you mix your iTunes songs, creating a musical experience that's bound to be infinitely better than the beeping alarm your current digital watch screams at you during inappropriate situations.

5 Cool Things You Can Do

This video from USA Today shows five cool things you can use the watch for (besides telling time), including paying for stuff, responding to texts (you can use emoji), and opening doors (what!?).

Most Importantly: Getting Directions

Sick of holding your phone out as you traverse the city trying to figure out if you're heading to the right restaurant? Now you can have both your hands free as your watch tells you where to go.

Um, Covertly Playing This Game When You're Bored

If I had this in school, I wouldn't have had to play Tetris on my TI-89 graphing calculator. Ah, the good 'ol days. Runeblade is a fantasy role-playing game where you must fight evil with weapons and magic spells.

A Trippy Video Of Adjectives Used To Describe It

I don't even know how to explain this video, but here you go. Gizmodo compiled this trance-like video of all the various adjectives Apple designer Jony Ive has used to describe the Apple Watch.

And, Of Course, The General Welcome

If you're an Apple Watch fan and haven't yet seen this video, well then... well then. Take a look at the general overview of everything the technology has to offer, and enjoy.