How Do Chia Seeds Benefit Your Skin? 3 Surprising

You might already be adding chia seeds to your diet, but you're going to want to sneak them into your daily facial routines, too, after reading up on all the amazing skin benefits chia seeds have. Chia seeds are already famous for being rich in omega-3 fatty acids and for being able to boost your energy and metabolism. But have you ever thought about putting them on your body instead of in it?

Chia seeds have plenty of benefits for improving and brightening your skin. You might have an exfoliator that contains chia seeds, and maybe you even DIY’d it yourself, but besides gently peeling off dead skin, what else are those tiny superfoods doing to your skin? Moreover, is it doing anything underneath your skin? Is this chia seed craze even worth it?

Considering the Aztecs have been faithfully eating and using these superfood seeds all over their bodies since ancient times, I’m pretty positive that the answer is a strong YES. Even celebrities have been hopping onto the chia train, from Gwyneth Paltrow to Ellie Goulding. The versatility of chia seeds make them universally beneficial for all skin types, but they go beyond just exfoliating your dead skin cells. Here are 3 other ways chia seeds benefit your skin.

1. Chia Seeds Absorb Oil

I currently use the chia seed emulsion from the South Korean skincare company The Face Shop. I have very oily, acne-prone skin, so having the chia seeds absorb and control my facial oils while keeping my skin moisturized and supple is perfect. It also makes my makeup last a little longer than it usually would. If you plan to use to chia oil serum, Perricone MD says applying a drop or two to your face, “will help to give you a dewy glow and prevent makeup from creasing or settling.”

2. Chia Seeds Reduce Redness

If you primarily use chia seeds as an exfoliator, then you might be quick to consider the seeds as a rough and tough product. But your skin actually absorbs all the Vitamin E from the seeds, which decreases redness, wrinkles, and makes your skin softer. According to All Women’s Talk, this antioxidant can also relieve any inflammation.

3. Chia Seeds Can Rehydrate Your Lips (Or Relieve Them From Your Post-#kyliejennerchallenge)

Everyone has been sucking on shot glasses for the #kyliejennerchallenge in attempts to plump up their lips to look like Kylie Jenner’s perfect, luscious pout. Unfortunately, the challenge just leaves you with a ring around your lips and if anything, your lips become less moisturized. Accoriding to Perricone MD, Chia Oil Serum can help your lips, “appear less lined, more full and hydrated.” Lipliner, vaseline, and shot glasses, be damned! It's all about the chia seeds.

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