Men Can Shop US Women's Soccer Team Jerseys Now

The World Cup is always such a special time, with the celebration of a global sport and nations rallying for their home country. Lucky for us, the 2015 FIFA Women's World Cup is coming up in a couple of months and women won't be the only ones who will be able to rep the US, because Nike released the US women's team uniforms in men's sizes, too.

Just this past Wednesday, the uniforms were unveiled. Clean and minimalist, these designs show that the US means business. The uniforms are primarily white, with a black stripe down the side of the jersey and shorts, sporting the Nike and US soccer team logos. Oh, and they also feature two stars for the team's two World Cup wins. NBD.

And for the first time ever, these jerseys will come in men's sizes. Previously, the uniforms were only available for women and youth sizes. Which was kind of (excuse my French) effed up, considering the men's version came in women's sizes. We should all be celebrating and uplifting one another. And while this concept should have been implemented from the get go, it's better late then never, right?

Bloomberg analyzes Nike's decision as part of a larger movement towards women driving the athletic apparel market that came from Lululemon's booming success. Brands followed suit, with Under Armour creating a "womanifesto" campaigns and Foot Locker starting a line of stores for "performance-minded women."

The uniform replicas will go for $90 for the men and women's versions, while the youth replica will sell for $75. And if you want to complete the look, a pair of "specially designed" cleats for the World Cup can also be purchased, from $200-$275. So let's all get ready in our gear and cheer "USA, USA, USA!"

Images: Nike (4)