The Guy With Arya Is 'Game Of Thrones' Jaqen H’ghar From Season 2 & Here's What You Need To Remember

Chances are you probably have a tough time keeping track every single last character on Game of Thrones. At last count, there were a million different characters (OK, not really a million, but it certainly feels like that). Over the last five seasons, we've been introduced to so many characters from Westeros, it's not a surprise if you've forgotten a few of them, especially ones you haven't seen in the last twenty episodes. During Game of Thrones' episode, "The House of Black and White," one MIA character returns to work with Arya: Jaqen H'ghar. Don't worry if it takes a few seconds (or a few episodes) to jog your memory about this guy. He's been absent for a while, but he's important to the Game of Thrones story, especially Arya's. Here's what you need to remember about Jaqen H'ghar. Let's go ahead and back up a lot, and cover all Jaqen H’ghar ground we can. We first meet him in Knight's Landing during Season 1. Right off the bat, let's talk about how Jaqen is one of the Faceless Men of Braavos. They are basically a group of assassins (among other things) who live in Braavos, but some of their members can be found in Westeros, too. These Faceless Men also have the ability to change their physical appearance — thus, faceless — but it's not some "magical" power that they possess. In the books, it's explained that anyone, man or woman, can become a Faceless Man with the proper training and obedience.

Arya first meets Jaquen as she's trying to flee King's Landing. He's a criminal, and while Arya is being taken out of the city (in trying to get her back to Winterfell) the two of them end up in the same caravan to Harrenhal. Now (just quickly), during this time, Arya was pretending to be a boy, so Jaqen called her Arry, even though she knew he was a girl because he's SMART. Also, Jaqen falls into Arya's debt (because she saved him while on the road) and he's going to repay her by basically killing three people for her. The first one he kills for her is The Tickler. Then he kills Ser Amory Lorch. The third one she wants dead is Tywin Lannister, except that Jaqen doesn't want to kill him, so Arya asks for help escaping instead. Jaqen agrees to this (after a little bit of back and forth with her) and kills all the guards in Harrenhal — so Arya, along with Gendry and Hot Pie (remember them?) can leave unnoticed.

Through all of this, Jaqen has taking a liking to Arya. After they leave Harrenhal he invites her to accompany him to Braavos so she can become a Faceless Man. Arya declines this invitation, though, since she's got her heart set on finding her mother and her sister.

This is when Jaqen gives Arya that coin — you know, that same coin she had last episode that she threw into the water? Jaqen gives it to her as a token, telling her that if she should ever need anything from the Faceless Men, all she'd have to do is show up in Braavos and say those two magic words, "Valar Morghulis" (all men must die).

Following Arya turning down his invitation, Jaqen then changes faces again and disappears. And then we don't see him for two seasons.

End of Season 4 brings Arya trying to gain passage to Braavos. She's got her coin and her "Valar Morghulis," and is able to board a ship to the House of Black and White. While she is at first turned away from The House of Black and White, she's taken in by them at the end of the episode. And it's none other than Jaqen, once again with a new appearance, who opens the doors for her. Looks like Arya's training is about to begin.

Image: Macall B. Polay/HBO