Lauren Conrad Loves Coconut Oil More Than You Do

In this latest installment of "stars, they're just like us," the Internet's favorite Laguna Beach sweetheart revealed her obsession with nature's butter: Lauren Conrad considers coconut oil her ultimate multi-purpose tool, as she spilled to Brit+Co. So now I don't feel so bad when I spend my nights slathering my entire body in coconut oil after a shower and trolling the Internet, being careful not to slick up too much of my furniture.

Conrad told the DIY community, "I don’t own a toolbox, but I do have a couple multi-purpose products that I love. One of my favorites is coconut oil. You can use it to cook with, remove eye makeup, oil pull, as a moisturizer..." She may be a celeb, but even LC knows all the magical power of coconut oil! She also mentioned that your skin absorbs it without feeling greasy and even dedicated a whole post about it on her blog, highlighting its uses from your makeup chair to your kitchen.

And while I have always used it as a moisturizer, I hadn't even thought of using coconut oil as a makeup remover and hair mask. Genius! While I'm out here rubbing alcohol pads on my face, I could've just been using a glob of coconut oil that's completely natural. Thanks for the reminder, LC!

Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Oh, and LC suggests even leaving the residue on your eyelashes, as they promote growth. She also reminded us that just like how coconut oil is good for your skin, it's also good for your hair, too. So grab yourself a bowl, heat up 3-5 tablespoons, and go to town on your hair, according to her blog. It's no wonder her hair always looks flawless.

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Next time I stop by Trader Joe's, I'm definitely grabbing the biggest jar of coconut oil and expand my indulging it my obsession even more. BRB, turning into a coconut.

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