Is Steroline Over With On 'The Vampire Diaries'? Caroline's Humanity Return May Change Everything

It's like the saying goes: "When one humanity switch gets turned back on, another 'ship gets turned off." Or something like that. Either way, things are not looking good for Team Steroline. Thursday night's episode of The Vampire Diaries saw Caroline's humanity return, which is great since I've really come to miss that lovable blonde vamp. But in doing so, it may have also caused Steroline to officially come to an end. Why? Well, now that Caroline is fully feeling the weight of all the evil she's wrought throughout the past few weeks, she's not exactly feeling in the most romantic mood. Which, fair enough.

I myself turned into a weeping pile of mush the minute Sheriff Forbes reappeared on my television screen. Granted, it was only a hallucination, followed quickly by a memory (courtesy of Stefan) in order to get Caroline to flip her switch back on. But that still didn't make the sight of her any less heartbreaking or stifle the realization of how great her character was. It was basically like watching Caroline lose her mother all over again.

So yeah, it may be a little too soon to hope these two lovebirds will just pick up where their emotion-less selves left off. And judging by the conversation Stefan and Caroline just had about their current relationship, it's going to be quite the long road to recovery… if it even happens at all. And while I've never been the biggest Steroline 'shipper, I have come to enjoy their screen time together and am saddened to think their special connection could be severed in any way, shape, or form. But hey, we knew them having sex without their emotions would come with certain consequences. (Let this be a lesson to you all, kids!)

It's too early yet to know just how big of a strain this will put on their future, in both a friendship and romantic capacity. But as of now, things certainly aren't looking all that great and makes me wonder if Steroline will ever get its rightful day in the sun.

Images: Tina Rowden/The CW