Where's Ginsberg, 'Mad Men' Season 7? We Need To See The Poor Guy One Last Time

As the seventh and final season of Mad Men quickly draws to a close, a final glimpse at Michael Ginsberg is starting to look less and less likely. As things start to wrap up, Mad Men needs to bring Ginsberg back for one last moment in the spotlight before it's curtains for the series? Of course, his ending on the show looked pretty definite — I'm pretty sure there's no coming back from slicing off your nipple and presenting it as a love token to your colleague. Ginsberg isn't going to just waltz back in as a copywriter (though now that I'm thinking about it, it would actually be pretty funny if he did — SC&P has a pretty open attitude when it comes to their creative team, after all).

Also, as we make our way into the later months of 1970, it's worth pointing out that a lot of time has actually passed since we last saw him. Is he still stuck in the hospital? Has he been released? Have the alarming psychiatric views of the time made him better or worse? Apparently, pharmacotherapy was already being developed in the '50s and '60s, but seeing how the last person we saw in a psych ward was in a disturbing haze after some bonafide electroshock treatments, I don't exactly have high hopes for the state of Ginsberg's mind.

So an office visit might not be in the cards for the last four episodes of Mad Men... but that's not to say he has to be absent altogether — he could always make an appearance from the psych ward... after all, last we heard, Stan was dutifully going to visit him — and wouldn't you love to see that? Stan (and maybe even Peggy) visiting him in the hospital?

Stan and Ginsberg arguably had one of the best friendships on a show full of great friendships, and it would really be lovely to see them reunited before the show comes to a close. Plus, are we never going to get a chance to address the fact that Ginsberg revealed he was sexually attracted to Stan? Now, that just seems like a gold mine.

Unfortunately, there's no word either way on whether or not Ben Feldman will be reprising his role for a final time — but with a show as secretive (and notoriously spoiler-free) as Mad Men, who knows what could happen? Vive la Ginsberg!

Images: Michael Yarish/AMC; Giphy (3)