12 ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Deaths & How They Compare To Derek’s Car Crash, Because This Show Has Done Way Worse

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Well, it happened. After weeks of speculation and anxiety from fans, Grey's Anatomy did the unthinkable: they killed off McDreamy, in perhaps the show's gloomiest episode in years. What's even more shocking, however, is that Derek didn't die of a traumatic gunshot wound or a terrifying plane crash or any of the other catastrophes that've hit him over the years. Instead, he died because a surgeon was too busy eating dinner to help him before he went brain-dead. Lame.

Still, as upsettingly anti-climatic Derek's death was, he actually was pretty lucky to go out the way he did, considering how many of his former colleagues and friends died in much more horrifying ways. But who had it worst? Here's how Derek's death ranks among those of the (many) other Grey's stars who've perished over the course of the show's 11 seasons.

Image: ABC

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