7 Awesome Vintage Prom Dresses That'll Set Your Retro-Loving Heart All Aflutter

Is it just me, or are modern day high school prom gowns just much less romantic than vintage prom dresses from the days of our parents and grandparents? I can't help but feel bored every time I see yet another frilly, taffeta gown and a boy wearing aviator shades with his tux. I'm not even a fan of the two-piece sets, as quasi-unique as they may be.

If you too are feeling less than inspired by today's modern prom attire, you might enjoy taking a walk down memory lane — other people's memories, that is. While your high school prom photos likely include a faux backdrop of the Las Vegas strip and some questionable hair choices, Baby Boomers can proudly look back at the flattering sepia tones of their own prom photos and still admire their fabulous vintage hairstyles and retro prom dresses.

Indulge your vintage-loving tendencies just in time for prom season with these gorgeous photos from proms gone by. If you're going to the prom yourself, they might even motivate you to look for a dress at the local vintage store instead of at the mall.

1. This Tea-Length Dress

White silk gloves make this bell-shaped, tea length prom dress look much chicer than today's taffeta dresses. It's the perfect example of the fun, ladylike style of the Swinging Sixties. To recreate this look, buy a poofy dress secondhand and give it a clean chop to just below the knees.

2. This Flower Child Frock

If the styles of the seventies and the Summer of Love resonate more with your personal tastes, you'll adore these flower-covered, caped and peasant-style prom looks.

3. Long and Layered

Layer upon layer of frilly lace, chic, fur-lined shrugs and even a headscarf to preserve your prom-ready hairstyle? Sixties babes really understood how to make prom look chic.

4. Prom-Ready Pink

Get this pink look that's worthy of a princess by finding a dress so wide that half of your graduating class can fit underneath it, slipping on some white gloves and teasing your hair to bouffant perfection.

5. High School Haute Couture

That satin belt! That dramatic bodice! The manners on her prom date! Everything about this photo screams retro prom dreams, and that tutu-style skirt would even make Carrie Bradshaw jealous.

6. Dapper Dudes

I love the lace and dainty pearls that these ladies are wearing, but I'm even more impressed by the simple white tuxes and slim bow ties donned by their dudes.

7. Eclectic Accessories

Take a tip from this impeccably accessorized vintage prom look and pair something unexpected — like a Japanese fan — with your prom dress.

Images: David Zellaby, lslphoto, velvettangerine, Patrick Q, ierdnall, freeparking :-|/Flickr; Getty