25 Prom Dresses Perfect For People Who Hate Prom Dresses, Because Some Of Us Just Aren't Made For Flounce And Sparkles

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The trick to finding the perfect prom dress is forgetting everything you think it *should* look like and making your own rules. Throw away tired stereotypes of pink fluffy cupcake skirts, crazy complicated straps, excessive sparkles, and pageant-worthy ruffles — unless that's your thing, in which case you should absolutely go for it. But if the thought of wearing a bejeweled pink gown to the floor with matching shoes and an updo makes you nauseous, fear not. Your prom should be an excuse to buy a dress that you genuinely love and might not otherwise be able to justify. It should be totally you, comfortable, and make you feel like a princess — even if your idea of a princess is more Kristen Stewart on the red carpet than Cinderella.

These 25 picks are a little less than traditional, but still completely prom-worthy. From pretty minis and modern maxis to unexpected separates or even pants, your perfect prom look is out there if you're ready to step outside the box.

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