Blake Shelton Is Beating Adam Levine On 'The Voice' Season 8 (So Far) & He Is Over The Moon About It, Of Course

Just like on NBC's The Voice, in real life, Blake Shelton speaks in a soft, slow Southern drawl that grabs you and gets you to hang on every word. And he did just that at The Voice Spring Break Concert at the Pacific Design Center in Los Angeles on Thursday Night. Before performing with his fellow coaches and the Top 8 singers, the Voice coach spoke Bustle and reporters about eking out a Shelton victory over Adam Levine this season. His comments are all in good fun, but he's right — Shelton has three artists left on his team (Meghan Linsey, Hannah Kirby, and Cody Kent White) — and, well, Levine has only one (Joshua Davis, who got the Instant Save earlier in the week). So yeah, the bromance-slash-rivalry between the two is alive and well.

"As happy as I am to have three contestants left so far, it doesn't equal how happy I am that Adam only has one," Shelton said from the event's red carpet, with a boisterous laugh. "I hate it for his team members, though. He's had some really talented people, but it's gotta raise questions about his coaching." As usual, Shelton was clearly ribbing on his fellow coach Levine, who made a brief appearance at the concert while sick with the flu.

As for another coach, Shelton is happy that The Voice is welcoming back Cee-Lo Green next week, along with past coaches Gwen Stefani and Usher. Green, who exited the show last year, actually made a surprise appearance at during the concert's opening number, in which Shelton, Levine, Christina Aguilera, and Pharrell Williams sang his hit song "Crazy."

"I love having Cee-Lo back," Shelton said. "He's one of the favorite people I've ever met. I've never lost touch with him, even as he left the show a few seasons back, we never lost touch. He's a friend of mine and you talk about entertainment — whether you're on the red carpet, on the show, or backstage, he is the funniest person I've ever been around."

Sounds like Adam might have some more (bromantic) competition.

Images: Ryan Tuttle/NBC