16 Halloween Movies You Can Watch Even If You're A Scaredy Cat

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Halloween is all about the candy, costumes, and scary movies. Unless you're me. Yeah, I'm a candy fiend and I dig a creative (and tasteful!) costume, but horror flicks and I don't mix well together. Get that "found footage" ghost movie out of my face. I spook easily (e.g., if I hear someone slam a car door shut in the distance, I will yelp), but that doesn't mean I don't want to celebrate this time of year. It just means I simply refuse to come over and watch The Texas Chainsaw Massacre with you. Don't take it personally.

The last actual horror movie I saw in theaters was The Ring. I covered my face with a sweater and cried until it was over. I assume that all scary movies will traumatize me in a similar fashion, so how does a wuss like me get into the H-ween spirit? Fear (ugh) not, there are plenty o' non-scary Halloween movies! The following 16 movies are the best ways to get your spooky fix without the side effects of sweaty palms, a violently fast heart rate, shortness of breath, vivid nightmares, and a nonstop impulse to look over your shoulder. Trust me, if I can stomach these movies, you can boo, er, too!

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