Why Chipotle's Apple Watch App Is The Best Ever

Friday is shaping up to be a great day. In case the fact that it's National Pigs-In-A-Blanket Day wasn't enough to convince you that this is going to be one amazing day, Chipotle announced they've created an Apple Watch app so you can order burritos by just tapping your wrist. The app is so simple and to-the-point that in a brilliant use of alliteration, they're calling it the Burrito Button. You can select the menu items you want, add in your address so the app can locate the nearest Chipotle, and order. The most brilliant part of the app's design-slash-marketing strategy has to be the countdown clock: once you order, your Apple Watch will start a countdown to the time when your food will be ready.

What makes this app so revolutionary has to be the convenience factor.

This week, Chipotle announced they would begin offering delivery services through Postmate in 67 cities across America. Postmates is getting bigger and bigger — they are the service enabling the much-hyped Starbucks delivery you may have heard about.

Chipotle's communications director, Chris Arnold, said in a statement that the app is indeed intended to make ordering super-easy for the busy burrito lover.

Convenience is important to our customers and mobile ordering apps allow for easy access on the go. With the app's availability now on the Apple Watch, existing app users have an even more efficient mobile ordering experience available to them.

Enabling people to order Chipotle through their Apple Watches is just one step closer to making Chipotle part of people's essential lives. If Chipotle is your number one app on the Apple Watch — maybe it's your biggest reason for buying an Apple Watch — it's getting pretty close to being an even bigger part of your life. Judging from the reactions on Twitter, though, consumers are not worried that the Burrito Button may carry heavy implications. They're just excited beyond belief about guacamole on their doorsteps — as am I, and as is probably every person who has expressed the wish this possibly-psychic Twitter user tweeted about recently:

The newly-launched app isn't just good for Chipotle. It could bring even more business to struggling startup Apple.

Twitter is full of people who used to be Apple Watch skeptics but have changed their mind since the BBB (Big Burrito Button) news.

This user's reaction is probably the best any Chipotle or Apple exec could hope for, and to be honest, it embodies what we're all feeling.