You Can Buy Kris Jenner's "Omish" Dres on eBay

The last time I told my mom I didn't like something in her closet, she gave me the cold shoulder and wore the ugly sweater to my dance recital. Back in December 2014, Kim Kardashian-West told Kris Jenner her dress looked "omish" (sic) after she wore it to The Hollywood Reporter Women in Entertainment breakfast — and now Kris Jenner is selling said omish dress (pictured above). It's currently up to $660 on eBay, in case you were considering snagging it up.

In case you have no idea what I'm talking about, Jenner shared an email from Kardashian post-Women in Entertainment event on social media. In addition to her misspelling of Amish, Kardashian went as far as to tell Jenner to cut it out with the "pilgrim adams family outfits," most likely referring to the Addams family, who, no, were not pilgrims. She went on to say that Jenner needs "chic, tight dresses."

It was an Alexander McQueen dress and actually really pretty, but I'm a sucker for anything with collars and bows. This is definitely a family of fashionistas, with Kanye being a major influencer, but I wish Jenner would have stuck to her guns and kept the dress she thought made her look fab. If only I had $660 to spare...

Images: Giphy