11 Ways Sansa & Arya Stark On 'Game Of Thrones' Are Just Like You & Your Sister

Most Game of Thrones fans would agree that when it comes to the Stark sisters, Arya is like, tooooootally the coolest. She's tough, adventurous, cunning, and now she's about to become a member of the House of Black and White — after taking a wicked sea journey and leaving the Hound for dead. Poor Sansa, on the other hand, doesn't have as thrilling a story line — in fact, the elder Stark daughter got the short end of the stick when it comes to plots: She was stuck with Joffrey for ages, and now she's cavorting about with the slimey Petyr Baelish. Suffice to say, she doesn't exactly have the most thrilling storyline. Thankfully, rumor has it Sansa's story is finally going to take a turn on Season 5 of Game of Thrones, and she may even be on her way to finally conquering something of her own — Winterfell.

Though the Stark sisters come from royal blood, have suffered unimaginable losses, have fought off their enemies by swords, and run fugitive from the most wicked ruler in all of Westeros, their sisterly roles aren't actually too far off than the one you have with your own sister. They fight, they go their own ways, and they often have staggeringly different opinions — but their bond outlasts it all.

Whether you're the older, wiser sister or the younger, risk-taker sister, you probably share a few traits with the Starks. Take a look:

As The Older Sister:

You Have to Suffer Through Dating First

And it's TERRIBLE.

You Know a Little Bit More About the Way the World Works

Or, at least, you think about the long game rather than just what's in the moment.

You Were Probably Way More Angsty as a Teenager


You Tell It Like It Is

The older sister sass is strong.

Your Little Sister Pretty Much Never Listens to You

But you still don't stop trying to make her JUST LISTEN.

As The Younger Sister:

You're Always Left To Fend For Yourself

In the wilderness... or, y'know, middle school.

You Know A Lot More Than People Give You Credit For

You're practically a soothsayer.

You Come Up With Creative Solutions

Thus making you way more fun than your practical older sister!

You Always End Up With Frumpy Hand-Me-Downs

Ugh, drab.

You Are Fiercely Independent

Praise! All of the older sibs got the spotlight, so you just became your own person.

You Fear Nothing Because You Survived Being The Younger Sister

Keep on survivin'.

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