13 Body Positive Tumblr Blogs You Should Follow

Body positivity is one of my biggest values and cultivations as a writer — it's incredible how loving your body can transform your life! I'm also a really avid Tumblr blogger and am inspired by the incredible community of body image activists on Tumblr, who use the platform as their oyster. I consider myself to be one of them, as I focus a lot on body love on my own blog and in my daily work.

Tumblr is known for having a large, active social justice community, and the body positive sector of this social media platform has been at the forefront of just that. Much of this has acted as a response to fitspiration blogs and even worse, "pro-ana" blogs that promote eating disorders.

Because so many of these blogs and sites were popping up on Tumblr, various counterculture bloggers decided to use the space to create a body positive community, too. Whenever I'm having a bad body image day or want to share my own body love messages with others, I go on Tumblr. The community, the people, and the messages are so inspiring, I can't help but love it!

So if you want to see some body positivity on your dashboard, here's a list of 13 body positive Tumblr blogs you should follow ASAP.

1. Stop Hating Your Body

This blog accepts submissions and re-blogs all kinds of posts that feature body diversity. From size to race, ability to sexual orientation, this blog acts as a community for all people who want to celebrate their bodies. "This is a place of encouragement, a place to discuss body image, insecurities, self-esteem, and everything under the umbrella of fighting self-hate and finding self-love," the blog description reads.

2. F*ck Yeah Body Positivity

A blog with a strong title, this online space features posts and content on various aspects of body image. One of the best parts of this blog is the intersectional lens that body image is viewed through, as the woman behind the blog advocates for all people who are marginalized because of their bodies. "This is more than a blog about weight; it is about reclaiming all aspects of our bodies which society has deemed unacceptable," the description details.

3. Radical Body Positive

This blog is full of inspiring images and articles, as the site features a lot of links to thought-provoking writings. There's even original artwork and poetry here that focus on cultivating a positive body image.

4. Redefining Body Image

This blog uses media, research, and writing to highlight personal stories of body image. Much of the work here focuses on the oppressive dynamics of diet culture and social systems that keep people from realizing body love. This blog isn't just run by one individual, but a team of body image activists, making its capacity larger than most Tumblr's.

5. Body Image Love

This Tumblr is composed of images of real people and is basically one long selfie roll. If you love looking at others and being inspired by their beauty, you'll love the pictures on Body Image Love. While the blog hasn't been active for about a year, the content that has been posted can still be enjoyed.

6. Recovery Is Beautiful

Recovery is Beautiful is geared towards those who are in eating disorder recovery, and it is a great resource to use if you are an eating disorder survivor and want to learn to love your body. This is a personal blog, but emphasizes resources, education, and awareness that I've personally found to be very helpful.

7. Halt The Body Hate

This blog is a part of the Body Positive Feminist Network on Tumblr and combines my two favorite things: feminism and body love! This blog is also run by a community of moderators (and I used to be one of them!), to ensure that an abundance of great content is being posted all of the time!

8. Chubby Bunnies

This blog is made for women non-binary folks who want to discuss oppressions like racism and sexism in relation to how they feel about their bodies at large. The blog is run largely through submissions and many are published each and every day featuring new "chubby bunnies" who want to share their stories of body positivity.

9. Body Positive Tips

This blog features a series of text-based image tips on how to love your body, that include self-care practices, inspiration, and practical advice. What's not to love?

10. Carol Rossetti

You've probably seen these original drawings from Rossetti somewhere on the Internet before, as this illustrator's body image designs went viral last year. Her work is amazing and if you want to see her new inspirational messages and works, make sure to follow her Tumblr!

11. GTFO Thinspo

This blog is a self-proclaimed "body positive zone" and is run by an English woman named Daisy. There are so many great image sets, quotes, and inspirational messages here that you could spend days exploring just this one blog.

12. Body Positive Fitness

For those of us who enjoy a good workout, it can be hard to balance this passion with all of the body shaming messages that often come with the fitness world. This blog is meant to serve as a place for those who want to pursue fitness with a body positive lens to find resources and community. Very refreshing!

13. Body Positivity For Guys

Since many body image websites and communities are focused on women, one self-identified body pos man decided to create a Tumblr for guys who want to develop body positivity, too! Body Positivity For Guys accepts submissions from all men who want to celebrate their physiques. This is definitely awesome and incredibly important, as women aren't the only ones who suffer from body shame.

Images: Stop Hating Your Body, Fuck Yeah Body Positivity , Radical Body Positive, Redefining Body Image, Body Image Love, Recovery is Beautiful, Halt the Body Hate, Chubby Bunnies, Body Positive Tips, Carol Rossetti Design, GTFO Thinspo, Body Positive Fitness, Body Positivity for Guys/Tumblr