You've Seen Videos Of Kids Dancing, But This Little Dude Is Taking That Sh*t To A New Level — VIDEO

Guys, I found my new patronus, and it's this little boy dancing with moves so derpy and fly that he has basically won over the entire internet. I have no idea who this child is or what magical force compelled him to unleash such inspirational pop and lock, but I do know that whoever is responsible for this deserves the mightiest of fist bumps I can give. The boy in the video is dancing to a song called "Up On This" by DJ Paul David, and he does not leave even a shred of himself on that dance floor. The world is his party and he's basically just letting us live in it.

Don't worry, because I feel like it won't take too long for all of us to get on his level. If there isn't a Dance Dance Revolution track devoted to his style of dance and an entire exercise video empire based on it within the next month, then quite frankly, I'll have a lot of questions for the human race. Style like this deserves to be immortalized by whatever means necessary.

I mean, honestly. Look at this kid. Once you start to watch him dance, you will be so mesmerized that you magically forget any and all trivial woes of the mortal world. Here are a few of his winning signature moves:

The shimmy


The humpty-dumpty


The sprinkler


The hip popper




The grand finale


He lassoes the air like a little cowboy and unintentionally lassoed all of our hearts. Keep at it, little dancing dude. You're truly an inspiration to us all.

Here's the full video below:

Quepedoporquenoentra on YouTube

Images: Umbrien004/Flickr; YouTube(5)