Chris Pratt's Reddit AMA Reveals A Lot About Him

by Rachel Semigran

When I first heard that Jurassic World was atually happening, I was more than a little skeptical about the project. As far as I'm concerned the original Jurassic Park is a perfect movie and attempts to replicate its magic are completely useless. But then, Chris Pratt signed on, and I was on board. (Also, the whole Steven Spielberg things helps too.) So, imagine my excitement when Chris Pratt sat down Friday for a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) with fans. He delved into everything from dinosaurs, to life in Pawnee, to weed. Of course, he was as charming and hilarious as ever, and, not to mention, completely gracious to his fans. In short, Chris Pratt really is as cool in person as we all imagine.

The very title of Pratt's AMA gives you a hint about how the entire thing went down: "Chris Pratt! AMA! Still half-drunk. Let's make some mistakes today." Seriously, this man is an American treasure.

Throughout the thread, Pratt made some pretty surprising (albeit completely endearing because he's Chris freakin' Pratt) revelations about himself, his career, and the characters he has made famous over this ever-growing career.

Here are the most hilarious and awesome things we learned about Chris Pratt from his AMA. Take a look:

He Once Rented The Same House As A Fan

But he loves Mouse Rat!

He Will Do Anything For His Fans

Best. Celebrity. Ever.

All Of His Characters On Parks and Recreation Had Something In Common

Makes sense.

He Really Is Peter Quill From Guardians Of The Galaxy

Who DOESN'T want to be that guy?

You Can Get Bitten By a Radioactive Chris Pratt

Is there a cure? Do we want a cure?

He Does NOT Want To Mess With Nick Offerman

I would totally see Offerman and Pratt Vs. Batman and Spiderman.

The Internet Made Him Do it

Starlord does what Starlord wants.

He Has Some Pretty Deep Thoughts About Dinosaurs

I, for one, would absolutely think they're still cool.

His Favorite Character On Game of Thrones Is Arya Stark

Because of course.

He Answers Questions Exactly Like Andy Dwyer

Country Strong FTW!

Nick Offerman Sends Him Pictures Of His Poo

Bromance of the century right here.

He Can Control The Future

I like living in a world where things like this happen.

He Is The Master Of "Would You Rather?"


All Of His Goofiness Goes Away When He Talks About Anna Faris


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