Xo's Best Advice On 'Jane The Virgin,' Because Who Wouldn't Want A Mom Like Her?

Jane the Virgin has a ton of great advice for viewers. For instance, double check to make sure you're artificially inseminating the right person. Done, and done. It also teaches viewers the importance of family, love, and strength through many different characters, especially Xo, Jane's mother on Jane the Virgin . Xo is not only a strong, independent, funny, and lively woman, but she uses all of those characteristics to represent a great role model for Jane and dish out some incredible life advice.

Xo has been through a lot in her life, but she doesn't ever act like she's been hindered in anyway. If anything, I think Xo is very proud of everything she has been through, and why shouldn't she be? She's learned to roll with the punches, and tackles anything life hands to her, which is admirable. She is one of the strongest characters on the show, and can easily go from cracking jokes to doling out advice that we should all carry with us through life. And sure, Xo can be a little goofy at times, but that doesn't make her advice any less sound. Here is Xiomara's best life advice from Jane the Virgin.

1. How To Know When You're In Love

Don't expect your heart to literally glow through your chest, like Jane's did on the show, but try to figure out what it feels like to have a glowing heart. Then you'll know.

2. How To Deal With Bullies

And how to recruit a team to deal with bullies... Even if the bullies are young teenagers and you're an adult woman.

3. Getting Hurt Isn't Fun

It just does. The Xos have spoken.

4. Keep Clear Of Playboys

OK, Jane didn't listen to her with this one, but Rafael HAS CHANGED XO!

5. Always Have Your Loved Ones' Backs

This piece of advice can be filed under: "An Oldie But A Goodie."

6. Always Have Your Loved Ones' Backs: Part Two

FYI, number five also referred to harboring a criminal family member.

7. It's OK To Be Selfish Sometimes

Make sure you're taking care of yourself before worrying about taking care of anyone else.

8. Learn To Step Aside

This moment is perfect. Just perfect.

9. How To Be A Parent

I'd read a parenting book by Xo, and I'm not even a parent!

10. How To Get Over A Broken Heart

Just get under another one... DUH. This is why she needs a book.

11. Support Your Loved Ones' Decisions

In time of need, your friends and family just need someone there for them. Xo gets that.

12. How To Know You've Met The One

This one is a little more PG-13 compared to the "glowing heart."

13. Just Let Someone Cry When They Need To

Because when Jane cries, we all cry.

Images: Aaron Epstein/The CW; Janegifs/Tumblr (14)