Drake's "My Side" Hits You Straight In The Feels

Is it any wonder that Drake's hidden song "My Side" is blowing up the Twitter/Billboard chart? The Degrassi kid turned rapper has always been in touch with his warm and fuzzy side, but his heartbreak has never been expressed quite as eloquently as it is in "My Side." According to Billboard, the song was released as a hidden track on Drake's latest album If You're Reading This, It's Too Late. The emotional rap ballad is not just about a typical breakup, it is about the dissolution of a mature relationship as both parties realize they can no longer be together, and it will hit you straight in the feelings bone.

Puppy love is one thing, but when two adults decide to go their separate ways despite clearly having strong feelings for one another it becomes a sob-worthy event. What makes the song's impact so real is the emotion in Drake's voice mixed with the powerful, insightful lyrics. It seems Jimmy really is all grown up now and dealing with the kind of romantic problems that plague adults. Whether "My Side" reminds you of a past breakup or just makes your heart break for the super sad Drake, this song's lyrics are perfect for a good rainy day cry.

1. "This life sh** is everywhere; you can't control it. Too much going on."

And so it begins. Every failed relationship hits its first major road bump when the couple stops making time to be with each other. Hold steady, guys. This is just the beginning.

2. "Why you never come to where I stay? Always hiding out in your New York condo."

Not knowing why someone is avoiding you is the absolute worst. Granted, I can imagine plenty of reasons why the girl in question is avoiding Drake (like all the life crap he mentioned at the top of the song), but Drake is clearly in the dark. So. Much. Pain.

3. "Why are we wasting our relationship on a relationship?"

I don't even know what this means, and it still makes me whimper. I'm going to hazard a guess and say they were BFFs before they took their relationship to the next level. Now Drake is totally afraid he is going to lose everything. I'm not crying, I swear. As Jermaine Clement from Flight of the Conchords would say, it's just raining on my face.

4. "Why are we focused on things that don't even mean nothing, girl? Why can't we find the time and sit down and discuss it, girl?"

This relationship is so doomed. Curse you for putting us through the emotional roller coaster that is your love life, Drake. This is like watching a romantic comedy without the happy ending.

5. "Me and you are playing house, start to think that I'm losing touch. Got a tight grip on ya now, maybe I should loosen up."

Clearly they are at two different places in their relationship. Drake even understands where he's going wrong. She needs some space, bro, but I still feel you. Drake obviously wants this to work and the way my heart starts aching at this lyric, I am invested in this crazy couple working it out too.

6. "We too busy for a wedding or a kid. If I'm working then I know you working."

Why is life so hard? Nothing about this is fair. Two busy people in love should be able to make it work. Why can't they make this work? Why I am so frustrated that they can't make this work? I need ice cream.

7. "Keep in touch with other women, cause you make me nervous."

It's all over now, Drake. If you are bringing other women home, your girlfriend is definitely not going to leave her New York City condo to visit you. This is a deal breaker — you made me root for you, and to be honest, you sound so sad, I'm still kind of rooting for you.

8. "It's just that when I go home, I start forgetting what it is. The dream is over, I get lost up in the six."

You're his dream, mystery woman! Seriously, have you tried couple's counseling? This can still work. Let's all just stay calm.

9. "You know how sticky these situation get. You go up higher than me some days."

The sad part is no matter how much you know a relationship is over, sometimes you want to hold on to it with both hands. This is one of those relationships. I love how he admires the way she soars — that has to be good sign, right? Yes, I am ignoring all common sense and throwing my hat into the ring of romance novel logic.

10. "You know what I think we could be some day."

Nope, nope, I'm out. I am experiencing major feelings overload. Drake has short circuited the part of my brain that houses the emotions.

11. "Let me at least show you my side of things, man."

You showed your side beautifully, Drake.

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