Children Of The '90s, Prepare For Some Flashbacks

If anyone on the Internet has its finger on the pulse of what millennials feel nostalgic about, it's BuzzFeed. The listicle juggernaut has a new video that will bring memories of middle school back for anyone who was just about to hit their teen years in the 1990s, and a few will definitely resonate with Gen X'ers as well. From figuring out how to get your calculator to read BOOBIES when you hold it upside-down, to scented markers (have to disagree with Buzzfeed, though; licorice was *not* the worst), to eating ice cream out of a little cup with those tiny wooden paddle thingies, there was plenty about being an almost-teenager in the '90s that was really awesome. Do kids even play those recorder/flute things any more? Because you could seriously rock out to some tunes in music class with your fellow triangle and tambourine players. This video will give you all the feels, and take you back to a time before you realized which clique was which, how much you had to pay attention to what clothes you wore, and what the lunchroom seating hierarchy was.

The best memories from this video, though, are worthy of getting a little gif treatment:

1. Sharpening pencils and dumping the detritus

Remember these? You end up hand cranking that sucker for like a YEAR and a HALF to get a measly little point on your pencil (probably for a test), then having to dump out all the gross shavings that ended up in the little metal canister? I know it's not the same kind of sharpener, but all I can think of whenever I see one of these is the scene from Easy A.

2. Figuring out your future via folded paper fortune teller

As soon as you see it you totally recognize what it is. (Apparently some people called it a "cootie catcher," but I ran with a more sophisticated crowd.) Either the person you are crushing on is crushing back, or you are fated to have your heart broken, and you can only find out by folding the points back and forth a predetermined number of times. I could never quite do the amount of origami needed to get one of these bad boys to work, but it reallty helps to see it in action to get the full nostalgic effect.

3. Capri Sun straws

So traumatizing. I can't even talk about it.

4. Rectangular pizza slices

I don't know about you guys, but Pizza Day at my school was a major event. We had not fully developed our tasted buds yet, so we did not realize that what we were eating was essentially cardboard with ketchup and processed cheese-like substance melted on top. It felt like you were getting away with something, eating your pizza slice with your fruit cup and carton of chocolate milk. (Screw you, Capri Sun juice bag.) But there are better ways to eat pizza.

Images: YouTube/BuzzFeedYellow (6); Giphy (3)