All My Friends Have A Prom Date And I Don't — What Now? 7 Ways To Make Sure You Still Have The Best Night Ever

There’s no shame in watching She’s All That on a monthly basis, but don’t let your fave teen movies fool you: Going to prom alone is no big deal. Don’t skip your senior prom or sulk just because all of your friends have prom dates and you don’t. Plenty of people go stag — like Rosario Dawson… and me. It’s way better to go solo like a beautiful social butterfly, mingling with your soon-to-be former classmates, than with a random family friend who you have to awkwardly introduce to your friends and sway with to "Wonderwall." So even though it’s completely normal to feel bummed out, don’t let your dateless state keep you from having fun.

To quote Melissa Joan Hart in the underrated prom flick Drive Me Crazy, “High school love is for saps, Brad, or haven’t you heard?” Even if you had a boyfriend or girlfriend to take you to prom right now, chances are you’d be broken up by the second semester of college — if not sooner. Flying solo means you can truly appreciate the time you have left with all of your best high school friends before you go out into the real world. So for all you single ladies out there, here are seven ways to make sure you have the best prom ever.

1. Get ready with your girls

Primping before prom is half the fun. Blast some Beyonce to feel fierce as you master the perfect cat eye, or drive to the salon to get your hair done.

2. Wear a killer dress

Let's be honest, you're dressing for compliments from your friends anyway... plus you've got to look good in all those prom pics.

3. Stop moping

Don't be a wallflower. This is the last time you're going to hang out with most of these people, and without a date you're free to mingle and dance with anyone you want.

4. Channel your inner Taylor Swift

Pay no attention to what others think of your dance moves — just go for it.

5. Embrace the slow songs

Don't sit out on a good slow song and feel bitter just because you don't have a date to dance with... get your interpretive dance on with a gal pal instead.

6. Take way too many photos

A few years from now, you're not going to care one bit that you didn't have a date for prom, but you're going to have some adorable group photos with your best friends.

7. Let loose after prom

Hey, you survived the dance single, and still had an awesome time! Now go to your school's post-prom (or whatever house party you've been invited to), and live it up.

Images: Ben Barnes/Flickr; Giphy (7)