Surprise: Obama's Got 'Bachelor' Jokes!

Yes, that just happened. In the middle of his speech at the 2015 White House Correspondents' Dinner, President Obama took his topical TV humor to new heights, possibly even more impressive than the time he referenced Mad Men during the State of the Union address. This time, Obama (or whoever writes his speeches, if we're being honest) managed to slip in a sick burn inspired by the longest running dating show on ABC: Yeah, Obama has Bachelor jokes. And Obama used 'em on the RNC when he suggested that Marco Rubio could wind up as the next Bachelor. "The Koch brothers will choose one of [the candidates] and the others will be on the next season of The Bachelor." No offense to Sean Lowe, but BURN. Hey, we've always known the President to be an expert at wielding a pop culture references. It was only a matter of time until Chris Harrison's domain got its time in the sun.

And overall, Obama's WHCD jokes were truly next level; he was flexing all over the place. The WHCD is a flex only zone, or whatever is the opposite of a no flex zone, because Obama was absolutely killing it. Other notable gems from the night include Obama's explanation of his "bucket list," except his bucket list is actually called something that rhymes with bucket (come on, you know where he was going with this one, guys). On his list: immigration, health care, and other things that made Obama think, "Well, BUCKET!" he joked.

Of course, the highlight of Obama's joke fest was the appearance of Obama's "anger translator" Luther, the character created by Keegan Michael Key, who did his best to channel Obama's anger until Obama got so riled up that Lu suggested that Obama trade him in for some "counseling."

President Obama just proved he can not only take a joke like a champ, but he can serve them up to — and he serves them well.