Kendall Jenner's Insane 18th Birthday Party Is Just a Warm Up for Kim Kardashian's Wedding

Because a crowds are sooooo pedestrian, Kendall Jenner rented out Six Flags for her birthday. The eldest daughter of Kris Jenner and Bruce Jenner evidently couldn't bear the thought of waiting in lines with gross regular people who, you know, wear boot-cut jeans and off-brand nail polish, so for her 18th birthday, the young model requested that she have Six Flags Magic Mountain in Valencia, Calif. all to herself, and since the Kardashian family just loves to rent out venues for private use, her wish became a reality. Her parents, as well as half siblings Kim Kardashian, Khloe Karadashian-Odom, Brody Jenner, Brandon Jenner, and a couple of friends were on hand to celebrate Kendall's birthday (which is actually Nov. 3, by the way.)

The family rode from ride to ride in cars because walking is, again, soooo pedestrian, and seemed to have a great time, which, of course they did: they had a theme park all to themselves. It's unclear whether the E! cameras were there, but one has to assume they were. It's not a Kardashian special occasion without 35 crew members and a truck load of technical equipment, am I right, Seacrest?

Even though it was Kendall's big day, the fact that her parents were there, together, grabbed some of the spotlight away from her. Kris, never one to miss an opportunity to try to convince you things are perfect, shared yet another photo of herself with estranged husband Bruce, and step-sons Brody and Brandon. Kendall, for her part, shared pics of the empty theme park. And because you're wondering, no, Bruce was not dressed like a woman, so quit your asking.

That said, if you're curious how Kendall's 18th birthday party compares to sister Kylie's 16th birthday, that's a valid question. For Kylie's birthday earlier this summer, she had an Alice in Wonderland-themed party fit with trees hanging with lollipops, amazing costumes, a Mad Hatter bar tender, a Hooka section, a pig on a leash, a performance by Drake, a performance by Big Sean, celeb friends like Hailee Steinfeld, Naya Rivera, and Jaden Smith, aaaaaand a Range Rover.

All Kendall got was an entire theme park all to herself. Pshaw.

All these extravagant celebrations are clearly just a warm up for the best wedding of all time, though. If this is what the teenagers in the family are treated to, I can't wait to see Kim's wedding 2.0. Bring on the fighter jets. Bring. On. The fighter jets.

Images: KrisJenner/Instagram; KhloeKardashian/Instagram