How To Adopt 'Age Of Adaline' Style As Your Own

After seeing her latest flick, you're going to want to recreate more than just Blake Lively's The Age of Adaline style. You're going to want her entire wardrobe! Like millions of movie-goers this weekend, I saw The Age of Adaline in theaters — a fantastic love story that, despite the occasional odd narrative work throughout the film, did not disappoint. I left feeling inspired, not only by the themes within the film, but also by the gorgeous wardrobe of the title character, Adaline Bowman.

At this point, I'm sure you've seen the movie posters and previews out there, in which Lively is dressed in the styles made popular across several different decades — as the story spans the life a woman who has lived for over 100 years, never growing older past the physical age of 29. (Uh, can I please live that fantasy?)

Lively is seen wearing some incredible pieces in the flashbacks to past eras, but the character of Adaline Bowman also has an amazing sense of style in her contemporary 2014 scenes. I mean, if a woman had truly lived through so many fashion trends, she'd certainly be the best dressed lady around — gleaning hints from many a fabulous era!

So here are some ideas you can use to inspire your modern wardrobe, with a little help from the past — á la Adaline Bowman.


As seen in the movie still above, Blake Lively's character is meeting her love interest's father in modern day 2014. She is wearing a scarf to hold her hair back.

Use scarves outside of their traditional around-the-neck fashion to incorporate a vintage flair into your look. The best type of scarf for this is a square silk scarf (there are lots of variants of fabrics and types of silk used for vintage scarves) in muted colors, stripes, polka dots, or paisley. You can tie the scarf around your hair, around the strap of your handbag, or even a couple of your belt straps on your jeans, as ideas to get you started.

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Floral Patterns

Florals have never gone out of style, but you can choose floral patterns that have more oranges, yellows, and navy blues in them to channel a vintage Lively. In the movie poster above, Adaline walks in a park with the man who's currently fallen for her in 2014, but her style looks straight out of the '70s with that muted floral motif on her jacket.

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Another way to incorporate vintage style is to choose handbags with no shoulder straps, as was quite common in vintage-style purses. As seen above, the scene is also in 2014, and Adaline is carrying a simple brown handbag. Though it may not be as convenient as your modern messenger bag, it exudes classic style.

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We're not much for wearing heels in everyday life anymore (especially when flats are still so trendy), but adding cute heels to your outfits whether you are wearing a skirt or dress can really dress up and vintage-ify your look. The scene in the movie pictured above is also set in modern times, but Adaline's cute strapped heels add that effortless vintage effect.

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Pea Coats

There's nothing quite like a dark pea coat to complete a vintage look. I know we're all coming into warmer weather, so I'm not sure you'll be sporting a pea coat any time soon, but they're still great for a rainy or chilly day, especially if like the one Adaline wears in the photo above. For summer, you could don a light blazer, which just about gives the same effect in dressing up an outfit. Pair it with a high neck top to complete a more retro look.

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It's hard to go all out and dress in completely vintage pieces sometimes, but mixing some vintage looks in with your contemporary styles gives you the chance to really take your outfits to the next level. Combine it all with your individual air of confidence, and you'll be your own favorite fashionista.

Images: The Age of Adaline/Lionsgate; Etsy; Rokit; Forever 21; Unique-Vintage; Overstock; ModCloth