Recreate Blake Lively's 'The Age of Adaline' Hair

by Madison Alcedo

Blake Lively's new movie, The Age of Adaline , is a story every fashionista would love. Yes, it's another movie about living forever, but wouldn't it be awesome to wear pieces from the 1930s, 1940s, 1950s, and 1960s? In the movie, we'll get to see Blake Lively in looks from each of those decades. In one of the movie poster looks from the year 1963, Blake Lively rocks some seriously fabulous bangs that look like the ones Renee Zellweger just got. Possibly a new trend of 2015?

Even though Blake's hairstylist for the movie revealed that the bangs were actually clip-ons, she still makes them look pretty dang good! I don't doubt this new mom wanted to take some of the movie's costumes home with her! She's always been the kind of girl who hasn't been afraid to try different styles. "What's old is new again" has always been such a true saying, and there's no doubt that you can take some of Blake's looks from the movie and make them new again. From a sleek waved bob to wearing head scarves, sometimes old trends make for the best statement pieces in an outfit.

Here's how you can steal some of Blake's best retro looks from three of The Age of Adaline gorgeous movie posters.

1. 1931

Anyone can try a bob, even if you have long hair — that's where the faux bob comes in. All you need is a curling iron and a little bit of product (to get the wet look). If you have long hair, you can create the faux bob by braiding your hair first and then folding the ending of your braid up like this Toni & Guy tutorial. After you've got the hair down, just add a bold red lip and rose-colored blush.

2. 1955

What is it about 1950s hairstyles that makes women look so lovely? Here, Blake is channeling a little bit of Marilyn Monroe with these 1950s pin curls. You would think these curls would be impossible to recreate, but Cherry Dollface's tutorial shows you how easy it is to get the look.

3. 1963

It may be easier to try on clip-on bangs like Blake did for the movie instead of rushing to your hairstylist. But at least you can try the vintage headscarf look without making major hair decisions. Check out our top eight ways to wear a modern headscarf, or watch this tutorial below of how to wrap a scarf 12 ways in under 7 minutes!

Images: The Age of Adaline/Lionsgate (4)