The 'Gotham' Season Finale Is Way Too Soon

Sure, 22 episodes sounds like a lot, but in practice? It's almost nothing when you're watching a serialized drama like Gotham. With 20 episodes already down, the Gotham season finale will air on May 4, according to Fox, leaving two episodes before the summer hiatus. That's right, only the episode airing this Monday, April 27, and the finale itself remain for Gotham to wrap up all the craziness that's been going on this season. I have to say, I'm a little skeptical that the show will be able to pull it off. It's introduced a lot of new storylines in just the last two or three episodes, and two weeks, or only 88 minutes of actual show, isn't really enough to go into lengthy explanations for all of them.

Plenty of things have already been brought up and resolved, like the start of Ed Nygma's arc from sweet, strange medical examiner to bad guy obsessed with riddles. We got to see him commit what's presumably his first murder — and it was just the right mix of creepy and heartbreaking — when he killed Kristen Kringle's abusive boyfriend. You could sense him starting to lose his mind without going into full-on, green leotard, unhinged craziness.

But even with all of the story Gotham has told, there's still more that needs to be revealed by the season finale, and with only two episodes left, there's no way to know what will be answered and what could have to wait until the Season 2 premiere this fall. Here are all the loose ends that need to be tied up before Season 1 ends on May 4.

The Mob War

Maroni and Falcone have been struggling for power all season long, and there should be some resolution there by the end of the season. At the very least, we should find out if Penguin can successfully kill Maroni or if any of those Falcone assassination plots come to fruition.

Commissioner Loeb

The series has spent so much time establishing that Loeb is responsible for every bad thing that's ever happened to Jim Gordon and even after Jim exposed his secret daughter. Will Loeb be busted, or regain some of the power he's lost?

Maroni & Penguin's Rivalry

This really started to heat up in the last episode, when Maroni went after Cobblepot's mother and Oswald reciprocated by putting out a hit on Maroni and killing a literal messenger sent over by the rival mobster. Oswald is finishing out the season really rattled and disturbed, and he just doesn't seem like himself anymore. I'm waiting for a real resolution on this one, with either Penguin or Maroni taking the lead by the end of the season.

The Wayne Enterprises Saga

Sid Bunderslaw has been left as a cliffhanger and hopefully, tiny detectives Bruce and Selina will find out why he's been targeting the Wayne family and if he's really the one who killed Thomas and Martha in the April 27 episode.

Whatever Happened To Fish Mooney?

Fish Mooney's escape from the Dollmaker's workshop was never resolved at all. We saw her fly a helicopter, get shot, and then... to be continued, I guess. But I hope that this comes up in the April 27 episode, so it doesn't have to all be forced into the finale. I want to know how much of Dulmacher's plans she's destroyed, and what her plan is if she returns to Gotham.

Images: Jessica Miglio/FOX (5)