Did You Find These 90s/Early 00s Musicians Cute?

Move over Harry Styles. For people of the current generation who think the boys of One Direction are the quintessential music heartthrobs need to take a long look into the past. Because as much as they are adorable and endearing in their own right, you just simply cannot beat the incredibly cute musicians from the '90s and early 2000's. There were those heartthrobs of the past that filled our TV and movie screens, but there's just something about a man who can sing, rap or play music that just put them over the edge. From the first time we were introduced to people like Nick Carter from the Backstreet Boys or Justin freaking Timberlake during his 'N Sync days, those of us who grew up in these formative years of music and pop culture knew that nothing would ever be the same. In fact, some of the best looking and most powerful men in this current day and age began as music heartthrobs, amirite Mark Wahlberg and Will Smith?

So in honor of the men that really encapsulated the true meaning of heartthrob with a voice (or musical talent) of gold, these are just some of the many from the 1990s and early '00s that deserve another look of admiration and appreciation. These were the men that took up the posters on our walls, the CDs that were left playing on repeat in our boomboxes and the customized merchandise we used our allowances on to purchase.

Justin Timberlake, Lance Bass, & JC Chasez From 'N Sync

While it's obvious that Justin Timberlake is definitely still the biggest heartthrob of the bunch, at their peak all of the members of 'N Sync were considered cute. For me, it was all about Timberlake and Chasez whom I mostly fell for thanks to his voice. It's the only reason I listened to his single "Blowin' Me Up (With Her Love)" from Drumline over and over again.

Nick Carter & Brian Littrell From Backstreet Boys

Nick Carter or Brian Littrell. There was no doubt these two were the cutest members of BSB, though AJ McLean was a close third.

Nick & Drew Lachey From 98 Degrees

Oh yes, the Lachey brothers. Absolute heartthrobs for years after 98 Degrees disbanded. They will always have a soft spot in my heart.

Mark Wahlberg

"Good Vibrations" and that Calvin Klein ad. I rest my case.

Aaron Carter

At the time, I kind of understood why Lindsay Lohan and Hillary Duff both liked Aaron Carter. I did not approve however of the drama and tension between the ladies that followed as a result. My love affair with Aaron Carter began and ended after that news.

Isaac, Taylor, & Zac Hanson

While I really only found Zac cute (probably because he's the closest to my age), it was always a debate among friends over the cutest Hanson brother. I understood the appeal of all three so they all get to be tied on this list. They were the original Jonas Brothers.

Joey Lawrence

He put out an album so he totally counts. Joey Lawrence was the apple of my eye for many years.


This song. That was it for me.

Will Smith


Ryan Cabrera

Even with his stupid early '00s haircut, I knew he was cute.

Jesse McCartney

Even today "Beautiful Soul" makes me smile. That alone gives McCartney a place on this list. Summerland was a big step in the right direction of cuteness too.

Drake Bell

The opening song for Drake and Josh made me fall for Drake Bell and made me watch the show for the first time. I still watch re-runs today. And hot damn does Josh Peck look good too!

Tyson Ritter

Who didn't fall for Tyson Ritter from All-American Rejects? You're a better woman than me if you could resist his charm.

Enrique Iglesias

I desperately wanted him to be my hero, and yes I made that pun-y joke many, many times.

Brandon Boyd

Incubus was one of my favorite bands growing up in the '90s and early '00s. I fell for Brandon Boyd's voice before I even knew what he looked like. The looks really were just a giant bonus. He still sounds incredible by the way.

Rob Thomas

Oh Rob Thomas, your sultry voice while singing in "Smooth" alongside Carlos Santana's incredible guitar playing did it for me. There was something about his quintessential early '00s look and the whole being in an Alt-Rock band that just made me swoon. Also, I absolutely adored Matchbox 20.

Mark McGrath

This was a fling. I loved Mark McGrath from Sugar Ray for approximately the first two months of the release of the song "Every Morning." Then it was over.


Is it getting hot in herrre or is it just me?


Great rapper and intelligent. And just plain beautiful.

John Mayer

Yes, I admit it. I used to find him outrageously attractive because of his music. But it was not due to "Your Body Is A Wonderland." I was not one of those girls! It was basically all of the other songs. I was one of those girls.


See above caption from Will Smith.


See above video and try not to fall in love even now.

Chris Martin

You either love or hate Chris Martin and Coldplay. I chose to love both.