Can We Trust Lily On 'OUAT'?

Talk about an extremely bittersweet reunion. On Sunday night's aptly titled "Lily," Lily returned to Once Upon a Time. but not because she's seeking out her former BFF or the mother she lost. Maleficent's long-lost daughter knows exactly what happened to her when Snow and Charming sacrificed her chance at a happy life for Emma's and she's back for revenge. Nothing says reunion like your former best friend wanting to kill your parents, right? I know, that sounds like the ultimate #storybrookeproblems.

At the end of Sunday night's episode, OUAT teased that Lily will be coming to Storybrooke sooner rather than later. But, even thought Emma seemed to reason with her during this episode — while she was holding her at gunpoint, of course — I don't think she should take the fact that Lily's coming to town for granted. This girl, unwittingly, had an evil cloud cast over her life, anyone would be angry and vengeful after being doomed from the start just because their mother was a villain.

It's entirely possible that Lily and Maleficent will meet and Emma's former friend will decide that it's more important to get to know her mother than to try to make the Charmings pay. (Wouldn't that be the best?) But it seems like, once this mother-daughter duo join forces, things are going to get very difficult in Storybrooke for Emma and her family. Sure, they deserve what's coming to them — Snow and Charming did something truly awful — but it'd be easy for Emma to diffuse this situation if she doesn't write Lily off as being an ally prematurely.

Emma definitely didn't scare some sense into Lily by threatening to kill her on Sunday night, but she seemed to get her to think about her priorities. And, unfortunately, they probably include convincing Emma that things are all good so she can take her revenge without interference. Clearly OUAT is making a play at "keep your friend close and your enemies closer," I just hope Emma can figure out exactly which one Lily is.

Image: Jack Rowand/ABC