Zelena Pulled The Ultimate Dirty Trick On 'OUAT'

The hits just keep on coming for Regina on Once Upon a Time and it's starting to become truly sad. During last week's episode, the Wicked Witch returned to OUAT and revealed that she's been impersonating Marian, which was truly the worst. But on Sunday night's "Lily," the series revealed that Zelena is pregnant on Once Upon a Time with Robin Hood's baby making things 100 percent worse for Regina. So, can we trust her confession? And, if she's telling the truth, what does this mean for Robin Hood and Regina's chances of getting back together?

I'm sure this was a part of Zelena's plan to destroy her sister's happiness, which obviously means we can't really believe anything she says. I have a very hard time believing that Zelena is so committed to ruining Regina's life that she'd actually bring a child into the world as vengeance — considering how disappointing and messed up her own childhood was. But, nonetheless, this is a crippling blow for anyone that's been 'shipping Regina and Robin Hood since OUAT Season 3.

Regina obviously believes that Zelena is really having Robin Hood's baby which, while a possibility, just can't be true. But this is going to tear the last shreds of their relationship apart. Sure, Regina took the high road and let him go so that his family could be together, but finding out that he's been sleeping with Zelena-posing-as-Marian might be the last straw for this situation. I mean, obviously Regina didn't expect him to just move on so quickly from their romance and obviously this is going to hurt her. Which is exactly the reason why Zelena can't really be pregnant.

It wouldn't be impossible, but the circumstances should make everyone weary as to whether or not the Wicked Witch is telling the whole truth here. The only thing that could hurt Regina more than Robin Hood having a relationship with her sister (even unwittingly) would be Robin Hood having a baby with her very evil sister. This is all a part of a master scheme, which clearly ups the possibility that this pregnancy could be a total lie.

Image: Jack Rowand/ABC