'Mad Men's Stan Is The Man, Forever & Always

Matthew Weiner, you're just trolling us, aren't you? With every step we take towards the Mad Men series finale, it seems that Peggy and Stan take steps closer to each other, but never quite touching. There's no shortage of Peggy & Stan 'shipping on the internet, but that's exactly why I don't think we're going to see these two riding off into the Manhattan sunset at the end of this. Sorry, everyone (including the bit of my own restless soul that is screaming for Peggy & Stan to just get together already).

However, if Weiner is just trolling us, knowing full well that the internet is asking for something it can never have, at least he's trolling us damn well. We've seen more than a few choice moments between this possibly impossible "OTP" this season, and during a season that has largely swept important characters like Joan and Roger to the sidelines (except for the few moments Joan had with her new beau last week). That's a lot of time to devote to a relationship that quite possibly is a futile one to 'ship.

But even if these two never lock lips again, the softer moments will stick with us. This week, Peggy struggles with the fact that she gave up her child back in Season 1. She did in order to continue her career, and now it seems like she's completely given up her one chance — something none of her male colleagues has to deal with. And who does she decide to divulge this privileged information to? Why her number one confidante Stan, of course.

This is after we see the two of them taking care of the 8-year-old actress who was left alone at SC&P after her audition. You could practically hear the 'shippers declaring, LOOK AT THEM WITH KIDS! THEY MUST PROCREATE! PLEASE?

Alright, I'll admit. I was a little mooney myself.

But considering the fact that this season has seemed so much like the epilogue of a movie — that part after the credits roll where we find out that Joanie found her "great love" and Ted regained his love of advertizing while Ken Cosgrove vowed to never let anything to get between him and his eyepatch — I kind of feel like the Peggy bit we're headed towards has nothing to do with our bearded bae. After all, this story has been the rise of Peggy and yes, she is struggling with the sacrifices she's made and deserves to get a little more of what she wants in her life (hi, Stan would fit right in there, Pegs), but her triumphant moment absolutely has to be professional.

My bet is that if Weiner gives 'shippers their satisfaction, it won't be in some romantic, sweeping moment. It will be something that pops up in the background once Peggy earns her rightful spot among the advertising elite, staring out on Madison Avenue the way her mentor Don has so many times. If Stan's involved, he'll be her the behind the scenes support, not her happily ever after.

And you know what? That works just fine for me.

Image: AMC; Giphy