Terrifying Video Of The Mt. Everest Avalanche

Saturday's 7.8 magnitude earthquake that devastated Nepal's capital city of Kathmandu was felt even at the top of the world. On Sunday, video surfaced of the Mount Everest avalanche that resulted from the Nepal earthquake and has left at least 18 people confirmed dead. Dozens more are still missing or trapped on the mountain's ascent, according to climbers' tweets. (Update: The death toll has now risen to over 3,800, and more than 6,000 people are thought to be injured.)

The video, shot by German climber Jost Kobusch, revealed people at the base camp had little warning before the avalanche hit. "The ground is shaking," someone says, before the camera pans across the camp. Within seconds, people are shown running to tents for shelter as an onrush of snow and ice rumbles down the mountain. Kobusch and another companion manage to make it into their tent, and the video shows their fear and relief of having barely escaped.

Tourist ministry officials said an estimated 1,000 people were at the base camp or on the way to the summit when the earthquake struck Saturday. Four hundred of them were reportedly foreigners. Jon Kedrowski, a Colorado author and mountaineer, documented his climb on his blog and wrote the avalanche was the "most devastating event to ever hit Everest Basecamp Proper."

The areas of the middle of Basecamp that I mentioned that got dusted were actually COMPLETELY DESTROYED. 40-50% of basecamp is gone.

(Warning: This video contains strong language.)

Kedrowski added:

All we can do for now is stay here and wait, but assist others in need. Climbers and Sherpa Climbers are all in need of Shelter, food, and medical care. The lucky ones here that are unharmed and have plenty of supplies it is up to us to stay for awhile and lend a hand.

Helicopters began evacuating climbers with critical injuries, but a 6.7-magnitude aftershock triggered more avalanches on Sunday, causing rescue groups to fear they would lead to more casualties. Poor weather and limited communication have also made rescue efforts difficult.

In Nepal, where the earthquake's epicenter was located, authorities confirmed more than 3,200 people had died with another 6,500 injured. The earthquake was also felt in neighboring India, which confirmed 61 deaths. China said 20 people were killed in Tibet.

Image: Jost kobusch/YouTube