Ian Somerholder Also Wore White To His Wedding

It was literally a "white wedding." Nikki Reed and Ian Somerhalder got married on Sunday, April 26 in Santa Monica and both the bride and the groom wore white. Nikki Reed opted for a long-sleeved, lace dress, while Ian Somerhalder wore a white suit and white shirt that matched the gown perfectly.

While it might be tempting to wish that the Vampire Diaries actor would have worn a black tux while swapping vows with Reed, since he is tall, dark, and handsome, as is his TV alter ego, it was a totally unexpected touch.

Since the wedding took place on a spring day, a light-colored suit was certainly an appropriate option for both the occasion and the season. I am so used to seeing Somerhalder in a dark, more sombre palette, so this was a welcome change of pace, even if just for a day.

But let's be honest here, shall we? Somerhalder smolders uncontrollably no matter what color clothes what he wears, so the fact that he opted to match his new wife was a sweet, romantic touch that has me going "Aww!"

Cue the Billy Idol song and commence drooling over this gorgeous, white-cloaked pair.

These two are obviously crazy in love! You can feel that energy radiating from the images.

Nikki x Ian shippers are no doubt drooling over their matching ensembles. Love it!

Images: jmfancom/Twitter (1); AmraWesten/Twitter (1)