21 Best Tom Hiddleston Memes

One of the perks (or downsides if you get cast in a bad light) of being famous is that you'll probably get a bunch of people making memes of you. But the good news is that the Tom Hiddleston memes are always as nice as the man himself. I mean, this is the actor who has his own version of Ryan Gosling's "Hey girl" meme. Hiddleston's is aptly named "Hello darling" and it's as gentlemanly as you'd expect. (Examples include: "Hello darling, you should always order dessert" and "Hello darling, even at your worst I still think you're the best.) Basically they're little pieces of encouragement attached to Hiddleston's face, and I of course approve of that.

But Hiddleston has his fair share of regular memes too. He's so beloved by his Hiddlestoners that there are a few Tumblr and Twitter accounts like @HiddleMemes that are dedicated to making his gorgeous pictures into hilarious memes.

Tom Hiddleston himself even follows HiddleMemes on Twitter. So, I'm going to take that as his approval of his funny memes. Now we can all enjoy gently poking fun at his awesomeness together. Here are 21 of the Internet's best Tom Hiddleston memes.

What Makes Up A Tom Hiddleston?

I'm not complaining.

Move Over RyGos

Don't worry, Gosling. There's room enough in a fangirl's heart for two meme masters.

Not At All His Character

It's hard to believe he's even able to play Loki considering how nice he is in real life.

Like A G(entleman)

Can we start calling him T. Hiddy all the time?

T. Hiddy Meets T. Swift


Shakespearian Defender

Nothing comes between Hiddles and his Shakespeare.

Popularity Contest

Sorry, Thor.

Romantic Even In The Womb

I'd say this is pretty accurate.

Twilight Or Tom?

His Only Lovers Left Alive character is the only vampire I care about.

Manspreader Alert!

Sadly, Hiddleston does have one major flaw. But I'm sure once someone points this out to him, he'll apologize profusely! That's just how he rolls.

Poetry Dealer

Good rhymes can be pretty addictive.

Alternate Title

I'd still see this movie.

Hard-Working Buttons

He's one button-pop away from destroying all our hearts.

My Chosen Method Of Procrastination

Oh, did you mean every day?

Tea Troubles

Hiddleston has his priorities. Or should I say, priori-teas? Ehehehe.

Eighth Wonder Of The World

He's a national treasure.

Being Read Your Rights

If only it worked that way.

Mood Changer

The only thing that can un-grumpy this cat is Hiddles.

Moves Like Hiddles

His dancing is legendary.


It's hard to outshine Michelle Williams, Elizabeth Olsen, and Michelle Dockery, but Hiddleston has done it.


All the time, always.