7 Stages Of Accepting That Ian Is Married

Be the still the hearts of Vampire Diaries fans everywhere — Damon Salvatore is officially off the market. Over the weekend, Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed got married in the mountains of Santa Monica, California during a private ceremony, and fans are just learning about it now via Twitter. It shouldn't really come as shock to anyone that the couple would spring something like this on us. Somherlader and Reed's engagement threw everyone for a loop earlier this year when Reed showed up the Golden Globes after-party with a ring on her right (not her left) finger, obviously trying to throw off reporters. But even that didn't stop people from finding out the truth and killing all the hopes and dreams of all those Salvatore lovers out there.

Just the same, fans are completely distraught now that the actor is officially off the market for good this time. Even though Somerhalder and Reed make one of the cutest couples ever (seriously, their outfits are actual wedding goals), it's understandable that fans are upset. After all, many of them probably hoped it would be them walking down the grassy mountain with him.

While we're super happy for the newlyweds, let's all take a moment to grieve and accept the fact that Somerhalder is officially a married man.

Stage One: Confusion

Imagine waking up and realizing that your favorite actor married someone other than you. Talk about awkward.

Stage Two: Denial

You frantically check every online news source you can, because obviously it's just a rumor, right? RIGHT?!

Stage Three: Anger

How could he do this to us? And without warning? Not cool Somerhalder, not cool.

Stage Four: Sadness

After getting mad, you realize that you're not really upset with him getting married. You're just sad.

Stage Five: Numbness

After a while, the sadness overcomes you, and you begin to know how Bella felt when Edward left her in New Moon.

Stage Six: Curious

Even though you are still upset, you can't help but browse through those (adorable) wedding photos of the two.

Stage Seven: Happiness

It may take some time — we all work at our own speed — but, eventually, you will realize, if it makes Somerhalder, then ultimately, you're happy too.

And I mean, look at that cute happy dance!

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