Why Do You Check Facebook?

I, for one, am almost always on Facebook. It’s one of the many open tabs on my computer when I’m working, and I check it once an hour or so. Hey, it's for work — I like to post some of the articles I’ve written, and read the articles people I know have posted. I also get a lot of my news from Facebook, which gives me yet another reason to check it. I like to think I don’t need it, but after checking my email and Twitter, Facebook is the first thing I log onto every morning. Of course, I’m not alone in my Facebook addiction.

Statistics from Pew Research Center released earlier this year found that 70 percent of Americans are on some form of social media, and of that group, 70 percent check Facebook on a daily basis, with 45 percent checking it several times a day. This figure is actually down from what it used to be — 63 percent checked it multiple times a day in 2013 — but that's still a hefty percent.

Still, everyone has their own reasons (and compulsions) when it comes to why and how often they check social media. So we asked 14 Bustle readers (on Facebook) to share when and why they check the social network. Here’s what they had to say.

1. Nicole, 34

"When I need reassurance that I am one of the most intelligent people. So, like, always."

2. Natalie, 28

"I am probably one of three people who reads the news on Facebook, because I'm a geriatric and I find the trending thing useful, interesting, and easy to get distracted by."

3. Colleen, 30

"All the time — mostly for friend updates, but also to check on my burlesque troupe's business page and market it!"

4. Sean, 35

"I check Facebook because I haven't checked Facebook in five minutes and I fear I have angered it."

5. Autumn, 26

"I check Facebook when I'm procrastinating. Mostly when I'm putting off doing something: Getting out bed, working, cleaning, cooking, and almost everything else."

6. Mieko, 33

"In the morning ... I open Facebook to read, or just see what people are doing here or on the other side of earth for a few minutes. Other times [I check it] purely out of boredom ... or to actually get in touch with friends. When I'm traveling in Japan I have no cell, [so] my friends also get in touch through Facebook. It's so convenient."

7. Monica, 27

"Before and after work, because my firm has it blocked on [our] computers. [It's] something we've been fighting against — because what else are we supposed to do in between clients?"

8. Sarah, 32

"When I'm stoned, late at night. Or when I'm procrastinating and checking my email, which is four or five times a week."

9. Jessica, 31

"When I should be working. Like now."

10. Ali, 23

"Never. This is actually the first time I've been on Facebook in over a month. I just don't care enough."

11. Becky, 29

"I mostly check it if a) I am honestly excited to see responses to something [I posted], b) when I am bored and just want to kill a few minutes, and c) when I am awake but not functional enough to really concentrate on anything. I check most often when I first get up in the morning (but haven't yet had caffeine), if I am taking public transportation somewhere, late at night when I can't sleep, and sometimes specifically to check on family and friends that live far away."

12. Nate, 34

"I like reading the comments below news stories, especially political stories ... so fun!"

13. Chelsea, 25

"I'm always logged in, via mobile or laptop, or I'd forget my password. I check it a ton, though not in an addiction sort of way — more of a habit. I'm perfectly capable of not having my phone on me while working or when I'm camping or something.
So ... this is a long-winded way of me saying I do use it a lot, but I'm not addicted. Clearly, I can live without it when I need to.

14. Kira, 34

"Honestly, I like to keep tabs on people I went to high school and college with. I want to know that my life is more exciting … and it is. Except for that one girl from high school who was briefly a backup dancer for Britney Spears.”

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