Kim Kardashian Makes A Good Point About Bruce

On Friday, during his interview with Diane Sawyer, Bruce Jenner said that Kim Kardashian has been the most accepting of him. Now, his step-daughter has made a statement about Jenner's transition, and that's all the confirmation we need that Jenner was telling the truth about how accepting she is. The middle Kardashian sister went on The Today Show to speak about Jenner's interview and how her family feels, and Kim made a very important point about learning someone is transgender: it doesn't matter if you understand, you just need to love and support that person.

I know it's not something you or I could really fully understand. But, I don't even think we have to. I think as long as he is happy and he wants to live his life, however he wants to live it, that just makes me happy, and I support him 100 percent.

Fans of Jenner have been mostly encouraging of his decision to come out as "for all intents and purposes ...a woman." But there are many people who are still confused. After all, they saw him live life as a man for over 60 years, and now he's saying he wants to live life as a woman. What's important to remember is that, while this is brand new to us, it's been on Jenner's mind his whole life. He's had decades to figure out what he wants, and to understand himself. So it's unlikely everyone is going to understand it just days after finding out.

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And as Kardashian points out, we may never fully understand. Unless you've experienced being assigned the wrong gender at birth, it's hard to grasp how someone could feel that way. But it's not important that we understand; it's important that we try, and that we support Jenner on his journey. It's important to know that it's happening, and that what Jenner needs is love and acceptance. Like he said during his 20/20 interview, "Have an open heart and an open mind."

Editor’s Note: Per Jenner’s stated preference, Bustle will continue referring to Jenner using he/his pronouns for the time being. We will follow his lead and make any changes to this policy as needed in the future.

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