Jimmy Kimmel Has a Halloween Task For You (Again) & Your Kids Will Not Be Pleased

Jimmy Kimmel is not one to let Halloween go by without deeply (but momentarily!) upsetting your children. He's moved on from his beef with Kanye West (and the subsequent make-up talk show appearance) and now he has a task for his viewers. It's actually the exact same task as the year before last, because who needs originality when you have an army of people waiting to make viral videos to promote your show? Basically: Jimmy Kimmel wants you to eat your kids' Halloween candy.

Actually, he wants you to pretend you ate your kids' Halloween candy, thus unleashing tiny balls of sugar-deprived, Batman-costumed fury on living rooms across the country.

"I believe we would be doing America a disservice by not issuing the challenge again this year," Kimmel said in last night's broadcast of his show. "So all you parents: After your kids come back with a bucket full of hard-earned candy Thursday night — maybe the morning after, maybe Friday morning — pretend you ate every last piece of it, record your child's reaction, and then upload the video to Youtube."

For interested parties, the aforementioned uploaded videos of your pissed (but hilarious) children should bear the name "Hey Jimmy Kimmel, I Told My Kids I ate All Their Halloween Candy."

PROTIP: Don't actually eat all your kids' Halloween candy unless you want to deal with the screamy-crying aftermath that will just keep going if you don't yell "PSYCH!" and tell them it was all in the name of comedy.

I would also like to take a moment to point out that, according to the Youtube comments, this tradition and Jimmy Kimmel have the approval of Walter White.

Take that as you will.