A Booze-Filled Piñata Is What Your Party Needs

by Chrissa Hardy

Just when you thought parties with alcoholic beverages were getting dull and stale, the world gets a whole new way to rage. The "Nipyata" is a piñata filled with booze bottles, and when the force of a strongly swung stick makes contact, the bottles spew out for party goers to desperately gather and suck down. Now THAT is my kind of party trick.

Aside from their boozy contents, the piñatas in question look a lot like what you would find at a 10-year-old's birthday party. Nipyata sells the piñatas in the classic donkey design, in giant age numbers, and in different alcoholic bottle and glass shapes (OK so maybe not a design popular amongst the child birthday party crowd). The company sells the piñatas packed with nips or without, as reported by The Gothamist. The included bottles come in quantities of 10 or 15, in a variety of alcoholic brands, and the bottles are plastic — which makes them bash-proof and free to explode all over the floor without breaking. You can also buy the blindfold and the bashing stick to come with it.

Staffers at The Gothamist were even given the chance to give the Nipyata a test drive at their offices, and took turns swinging away. They also realized that they didn't know how to play. Are there rules? How many swings does each person get? They gently suggested that Nipyata should start including instructions with every one of their brightly colored booze buckets.

Here's their attempt to destroy their Nipyata and provide further proof that they have the best jobs ever.

They strung up the donkey and designated a person to do the lifting at every blind swing. Upon the destruction of the Nipyata, the fruity vodka, schnapps, and Fireball were quickly claimed, and they even found fortunes inside it that had pop culture burns (like "David Hasselhoff drank his first nip at age 11") and vaguely intriguing predictions (like "You will have an adventure in a car").

The Nipyaytas range in price from $35 to $95, depending on design and number of included nips. But since the best part of any grownup party is the beverage selection, and this is a fun little obstacle on the journey to a delightful buzz, it's a guaranteed party hit (no pun intended). No party scheduled in the near future? No problem. Maybe just order one for yourself.

Images: erlucho/Fotolia; Giphy