You Can Now Smack Kim's Butt at Parties

If you've ever wanted to smack Kim Kardashian's toosh, you now can — for real. Thanks to Mexican company Piñateria Ramirez in Reynosa, Tamaulipas, we all can hit Kim Kardashian's butt in the form of a piñata. Forget about those Kim cake pops or her butt being formed out of Rice Krispies, because, apparently, this piñata makes the perfect party item for any special occasion. Imagine letting your child celebrate his/her birthday by smacking Kardashian's booty until candy falls out. I don't know about you, but that definitely says have a fantastic birthday and congratulations on turning one year older. Or, you know, the caboose piñata would be great for bachelor and bachelorette parties. Nothing like partying with Kardashian's butt.

What will her butt be turned into next, and when we will we stop trying to "break the Internet" with Kardashian's buttocks? Thanks, Paper magazine, for allowing others to create ridiculous items (that I'm sure some people will buy). Anyone else sick of talking about it? Let's leave Kardashian's butt where it belongs...behind.

With that said, check out the piñata for yourself. FYI, I love how it's sitting in front of two iconic children's figures — Raphael from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and that beloved Disney character Mickey Mouse. I'm so sorry you two have to stare at that all day. Also, I guess the Kardashian party item likes to ride around in the back of a truck (beware, this one's NSFW). Maybe she'll be in a parade.