#PaintYourNailsForBruce Unites Us All As Allies

It's been a big weekend in the Jenner/Kardashianverse. After Bruce Jenner's 20/20 interview with Diane Sawyer aired on Friday, in which he revealed his "true self" to the world, declaring that he is “for all intents and purposes…a woman,” the Internet predictably whipped into a frenzy of think pieces and hashtags. Heartwarmingly, most of the response came in the form of an outpouring of support for Jenner, who has been the butt of ceaseless, offensive jokes in the past year since rumors of his sexual orientation began to stir. One of the greatest movements for Bruce Jenner was started by Australian radio station KIIS1065, who have asked the denizens of the Internet to "paint their nails for Bruce" in a show of solidarity. The movement now has its own hashtag—#PaintYourNailsForBruce—on Twitter, a response to the moment in Friday's interview when Jenner said, “I wish to be able to have my nail polish for long enough that it can chip off.”

It's such a simple act, with such a strong sentiment. Being able to wear your heart on your sleeve (or, in this case, your gender identity on your nails), to essentially be free to express who you truly are in the ways that feel special and important to you, is something so many of us take for granted, we even forget that it's an immense privilege. The desire for such a small act to be able to express Jenner's authentic self really brings that privilege into focus, and to hear the longing in his voice when he speaks about his lifelong inability to act in accordance with who he really is, is completely heartbreaking. It's wonderful to see people stepping up in support, giving hope that maybe the world isn't only full of intolerant monsters, and that maybe people are nice and empathetic after all. It's also, more generally, beneficial for the transgender community, because if we can collectively stand up in support for Bruce, maybe we can do the same for our non-famous neighbors.

Here are some of the best nail jobs for Bruce, to inspire you to show support for the brave, badass athlete, and also to probably inspire you to go out and get that mani you've been putting off.

1. This woman who managed to combine support for Bruce with support for her sports team

2. This total bro-y looking dude who is EVERYTHING right now

3. This guy who is probably going to keep painting his nails mint green forever, that's how into them he looks

4. This girl who seems to love puns more than I do

5. These princess themed man feet

6. This pretty lady with awesome lipstick color

7. Gossip guru Richard Reid

8. This hero

9. And this dude who is learning something new every day

Image: Distractify/Twitter